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AIBU to wonder what the actual fuck they have done to creme eggs?

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M0reGinPlease Wed 27-Mar-19 21:50:13

I mean, first world problems and all that, but why have they ruined creme eggs? Just had one and the chocolate was rank (DH said this was a big thing a few years ago that Cadbury changed the chocolate to make it cheaper and it doesn't taste like dairy milk any more but this clearly passed me by) and the filling was... kinda chewy. I mean, is nothing sacred? Fucking Brexit fucking up our creme eggs.

iwantatattoo Fri 05-Apr-19 10:04:41

Whoever mentioned smarties orange mini eggs up the thread is correct - they are lush. I don't even like smarties!

TheRhythmlessMan Thu 04-Apr-19 15:24:36

Sounds like it was straight from s freezer?

gummywitch Thu 04-Apr-19 13:25:01

Yep. I bit down hard into it and a big chunk of my (heavily filled back in the day) actual tooth somehow embedded itself in the sticky gritty gunk inside. No way would that have happened with old style creme eggs with their proper runny yummy goo.

TheRhythmlessMan Thu 04-Apr-19 10:07:32

I didn't know the choc was so hard! Wow.

gummywitch Wed 03-Apr-19 15:49:04

They seem to taste worse every year. I see them in tesco and my brain makes me buy them coz remembers how utterly divine they once were. Get home, open one and my tastebuds are so so disappointed - like thought this was supposed to be a CADBURY'S CREME EGG FFS! The reality now a tasteless sticky horrid pretender. So pissed off with this year's one, actually. It broke my tooth hmm

TheTitOfTheIceberg Wed 03-Apr-19 15:21:45

Ritter Rum & Raisin is the best chocolate ever invented. I would crawl over new extra-knobbly Weetabix to get to some.

LHMB Wed 03-Apr-19 14:37:04

Oh, I'll have to try some again. Any excuse grin

TheRhythmlessMan Wed 03-Apr-19 14:34:21

Mine too. But they seemed ... different.

LHMB Wed 03-Apr-19 14:28:49

Guylian are one of my favourites and DP's absolute favourite

TildaKauskumholm Wed 03-Apr-19 10:10:13

Lidl also sell Ritter choc, and we love Lidl own brand chocolate too, especially Rich Milk Chocolate, which is like the perfect balance between milk and dark. No palm oil either.

TheRhythmlessMan Wed 03-Apr-19 09:50:01

Received a box of Guylian chocs the other day and they seemed greasy too 😩

HotChocLit Tue 02-Apr-19 20:12:15

Try German chocolate. It tastes like chocolate

Mummyshark2019 Tue 02-Apr-19 20:10:34

They were so good in the 80s

AndOfCourseHenryTheHorse Tue 02-Apr-19 19:44:54


It was Buttons not Smarties! Doh! (Cadbury don’t even make Smarties. I’ll get me coat...) blush

—Was still flipping grim though—

Aaaaaaah it all makes sense now!

Smarties are gross. Sad that buttons are now too sad. They used to be one of my favourites.

iwantatattoo Tue 02-Apr-19 19:30:04

I'm also a fan of Ritter Sport. I've tried the coconut and also the rum and raisin which are both lush. I haven't seen any in Aldi though.

TFBundy Mon 01-Apr-19 22:44:32

It was Buttons not Smarties! Doh! (Cadbury don’t even make Smarties. I’ll get me coat...) blush

—Was still flipping grim though—

CustardCreamLover Mon 01-Apr-19 18:21:55

I'm especially gutted about the difference in them! My mum sent me some (I'm out of UK and can't buy then here) I was so looking forward to one and they just aren't the same. Bastard Cadbury's or whoever the hell owns them now!!

AndOfCourseHenryTheHorse Mon 01-Apr-19 15:22:19

Smartie chocolate is nothing like chocolate though and never has been. It’s grim stuff envy (not envy).

fblake Mon 01-Apr-19 15:21:39

Nooooooooooo!!!! I used to love those, not had one since they changed 😭

LHMB Mon 01-Apr-19 15:18:33

PigletJohn thanks, I'll look out for them. My friend has bought me dairyfine from Aldi before, that was quite nice.

TFBundy lol, I agree, those dairy milk creations look horrible, don't fancy them at all

bongsuhan Mon 01-Apr-19 14:21:50

Aldi sell a small range of Ritter. It's a popular German brand, the name mean's (approximately "Knight" so might be the name of the founder. It's better than Cadbury's.

Ritter is indeed the founder's name. The "sport" bit is from it having a different shape (rectangular) designed to fit into a sport jacket pocket.

TFBundy Mon 01-Apr-19 14:15:20

I am so glad to see this thread because I snaffled one of DS' Smarties eggs at the weekend (which I will replace several times before Easter!) and it tasted bloody revolting. A piece of it melted onto my hand and IT WAS NOT EVEN BROWN! It was vaguely streaky and slimy, and smelt fishy. <boak>

Sadly I think that the UK is such a tiny part of Mondelez' global market for chocolate that it has no fucks to give about our consumer opinion of Cadbury "chocolate". If it did, it would stop fucking about with those god-awful Marvellous Creations with Oreos, popping candy and other shit that nobody over the age of 7 wants to eat. When I was pregnant, just the sight of those bastards languishing in WH Smith would have me running for the bog.

ForalltheSaints Mon 01-Apr-19 13:52:58

I had one (first in a few years) with my lunch today and it seemed no different.

PigletJohn Mon 01-Apr-19 13:51:09

I managed to find a reference to the EU quality standards for chocolate. In most of the EU, products sold as "chocolate" have to contain:
Total dry cocoa solids ≥ 35%
Cocoa butter ≥ 18%
Non-fat cocoa solids ≥ 14%

and an inferior product, allowed to contain
Total dry cocoa solids ≥ 25%
Cocoa butter 0%
Non-fat cocoa solids ≥ 2.5%
has to be labelled "family milk chocolate."

In Malta, the UK and the Republic of Ireland, the inferior product can be labelled "Milk Chocolate."

Cadbury's is "Milk Cocolate"

Bagpuss5 Mon 01-Apr-19 13:43:20

My favourite is M & S milk chocolate, the pale blue wrapper.

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