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AIBU childish?

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LadySlipper Wed 27-Mar-19 20:06:07

Who is BU? Ate tea, kitchen tidied, sat down to watch tv. Haven't seen him all day and not much the two days before as he was away with work. Not watching anything special, just some stupid sitcom. He asks me how my day was so I start telling him. Then he says ' so what happened?'. Oh says I, then I did xyz. He stares pointedly at the tv and repeats 'so what happened'. And I realise the adverts are over and he is being arsey now because I am talking over this important bit of entertainment. So I sit here simmering and when it finished and he decides that now I may deign to speak, he tried to strike up a conversation. However, I am childishly refusing to speak to the ignorant twat now as the tv is still on and I wouldn't want him to miss out on the most important thing in the world to him. AIBU to spend the whole evening doing this? sidenote - he broke my favourite wine glass this evening crashing around the kitchen in his usual Bull In A China shop manner. It was apparently MY fault for leaving it on the countertop! Silly me.

Expressedways Wed 27-Mar-19 20:13:04

I’m not sure I follow- he was pointing at the TV repeating ‘what happened’ over and over? What bizarre behaviour! Is he normally like that? I see why you’re annoyed as it sounds ridiculous. And rude.

Accidents happen though and providing it wasn’t on purpose I’d just buy a new wine glass and not mention it again.

Expressedways Wed 27-Mar-19 20:15:20

Although it was most definitely not your fault he broke the glass, I hope you corrected him!

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