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To ask if you would hire me?

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Bananapancakes3 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:38:16

I’m looking to work as a babysitter over the next few months and have joined a childcare website but feeling a bit put off by the experience people are looking for.

I’m 19, happy to do regular or one off babysitting in the evenings and at weekends, school pick up/drop off, taking to activities, help with homework etc

I have experience babysitting but mainly for cousins and neighbours rather than in a professional childcare setting.

I have a car so can provide transport.

Would anyone be (hypothetically) happy to hire someone like me or would you always rather have a childcare professional?


justthecat Wed 27-Mar-19 18:40:36

If I felt you and my dc got on well and I liked you,then yes I would

Anothertimesoon Wed 27-Mar-19 18:41:50

Where are you based? I actually need a babysitter/childcare

Justonemorepancake Wed 27-Mar-19 18:42:58

I would. Get your DBS check and a first aid course and you would look better 'on paper'

Hollowvictory Wed 27-Mar-19 18:43:26

Yes if dbs check

EmeraldShamrock Wed 27-Mar-19 18:45:43

Yes I would, first aid would stand to you.
I am not sure if you can get police clearance? A employer or course provider needs to apply for garda vetting cert in Ireland.

OldAndWornOut Wed 27-Mar-19 18:49:05

You sound exactly what I'm looking for.

happyasasandboy Wed 27-Mar-19 18:50:31

Yes, I would. Where are you?!

Bananapancakes3 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:53:37

Glad to hear this is something people would be looking for! Based in East Midlands. I will look into a dbs check and first aid training course.

Divgirl2 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:54:06

Only if DBS checked and first aid trained. If you can't get DBS checked then a police check would do (I imagine you can submit a subject access for them these days).

Nurseornot Wed 27-Mar-19 18:57:53

Yes I would if you were DBS checked and the paperwork was verified by the site. I was just looking in to getting someone, but although the sitters have the paperwork, none of it is verified by the site so I'm still a bit wary since I don't know what I would be looking at exactly and I don't know if it could be easily faked.

shopaholics Wed 27-Mar-19 18:59:48

Sign up to the rolling dbs check thing - you pay a set amount each year and your dbs records can be accessed any time with a reference number - it could help with reassuring parents that they always have the most up to date info possible.
I've found parents are way more trusting of people over 18 than under for some reason so you're lucky in that sense.
A lot of childcare sites have people advertising wanting childminders but on babysitter rates so be careful there - I normally just advertise on local Facebook pages and then rely on word of mouth.
Sounds like parents would be happy to at least give you a chance based on what you've written so good luck!

Bananapancakes3 Wed 27-Mar-19 19:05:09

Oh that’s another question! How much would you be happy to pay for babysitting or a regular pickup/drop off? Thank you to everyone for their responses so far

BackforGood Wed 27-Mar-19 19:09:44

I wou;d, but only if I knew you / you were recommended by someone who knew you well, that I trusted.
This might be a difference between me hiring a babysitter and someone going to a website / agency though ?? Maybe if you go through an agency or website, you expect more boxes to be ticked, but if you know the person then things like formal qualifications are less important ?

NWQM Wed 27-Mar-19 19:14:47

Are you in a position to volunteer somewhere & get some experience?

Have you checked out your car insurance for drop off and pick ups?

Honestly if we were approached in the right way we would think about it as a couple of nights a week it would be a godsend.

I do think there could be a real market. We'd rather our 2 did their activities than after school club. If you had the right checks and a professional 'luck' I'd be interested.

Professional look could just be a Facebook page. A printed t-shirt / polo to create a uniform and helps I think. They are not expensive and you'll need work clothes.

In terms of rates we pay minimum wage.

arethereanyleftatall Wed 27-Mar-19 19:21:06

I would hire you but I would expect to pay less for you than a professional.
Round my way, teenage babysitters (ie no car, no dbs, no anything) get £5 ph, a proper childminder gets £10ph for babysitting, and everything in between depending.

Bananapancakes3 Wed 27-Mar-19 19:28:57

@NWQM sorry if this is a daft question but what would I need to check about my car insurance? Is it different is you’re doing school pickups?

Also when you say minimum wage would that be the minimum for 18-21 year olds?

arethereanyleftatall Wed 27-Mar-19 19:41:27

'I do think there could be a real market.'

What an odd thing to write. Of course there's a market, babysitters/childminders/nannies/au pairs are used all the time.

SarahBeeney Wed 27-Mar-19 19:43:52

Yes I would. I have two teenagers that look after my two regularly, I'm a musician so work most evenings and weekends. Musicians and actors especially always need babysitters at funny times and it's impossible to use a nursery as every week is different.

Justajot Wed 27-Mar-19 19:46:07

I would, but through word of mouth, not a website. We have a few teenagers locally who seem to have built up a clientele of families through word of mouth.

Stinkycatbreath Wed 27-Mar-19 20:05:18

You dont need a uniform you are offering babysitting not after school club. You would need business insurance to be able to take children in you car. I babysat for year and made a packet as a student.You sound like you are asking the right questions. God lucksmile

Drizzlehair Wed 27-Mar-19 20:09:01

I probably wouldn't unless you were recommended by a friend.

I can get someone highly qualified on for £8 pm, years of experience as a nursery manager, nanny etc. I wouldn't want to save a fiver for the sale of someone without a proven track record. You could be anyone.

Sorry if this isn't what you want to hear, just being honest

arethereanyleftatall Wed 27-Mar-19 20:10:22

Agree re not needing a uniform.

What happens where I live;

Someone writes on our local Facebook page
'Hi. My names x, I'm 19; and looking for some babysitting work. I'm available x. I charge £6ph.'

Someone responds, within 2 seconds,
'Yes please, I need a babysitter Saturday night.'

Someone else responds, 3 seconds,

'Yes please. Could you do Monday 17th.'

Etc etc

arethereanyleftatall Wed 27-Mar-19 20:11:34

And I don't know anyone who asks for a dbs for a babysitter.

hibbledibble Wed 27-Mar-19 20:28:52

After-school nannies are like gold dust. Unless you live in an area with very few working families,.you won't struggle to find work. Register on

When I worked as a babysitter pre children I had a CRB and all the families asked to see this. I had also done first aid training and provided references. I would hope that no one would allow you unsupervised with their children without a CRB/dbs.

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