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To ask what you do with your Phil and Ted when reclined?

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WhereIsMyTVRemote Wed 27-Mar-19 12:07:52

Might be daft question here but I have a toddler and a Phil and Ted sport - an older one. He loves to sleep in his pushchair but when it reclines there is a huge gap where his head is and it seems a bit odd.

Looking at Google and I can't see many examples - I got it second hand so am I missing a bit? It seems like there should be something there to protect his head from wind etc - and keep it nice and snug to sleep!

I can't find anything aftermarket that goes there to block it off either. Any advice? Thanks!

MrsWillGardner Wed 27-Mar-19 12:18:54

We had one. There was always a gap when reclined.

Bearfrills Wed 27-Mar-19 12:48:17

I had one and it had a plastic flap over the back.

Just googled and it's called the storm back flap.

WhereIsMyTVRemote Wed 27-Mar-19 13:01:38

Thank you - glad I'm not going bonkers. Will have a look for the part.

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