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To test this early and feel hopeful

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HopefulAgain10 Wed 27-Mar-19 10:01:44

Hi mn.I did post in the Pregnancy section but hoping someone else might have some useful advice.
I had a MC and a D&C in January of this year. My consultant then put me on a course of medication to help assist.

We didn't try conceiving in Feb as we were still dealing with the MC. In March we started trying according to the plan the doctor put us on. Today is day 24 of my cycle and I took a pregnancy test. I took two different types(Clear blu Rapid detection and Medic) and both came back positive. I'm not sure If this is because of the medication (fertomid) or am I testing too early.

I took the test because I have had mild cramping a few days after dtd during the fertile period. And my breasts are huge. I'm aware this could be due to my expected AF as well.

I know the best test is to actually wait to miss a period but just hoping anyone had any advice or been in any similar situation especially regarding the Meds I was on

JellyBaby666 Wed 27-Mar-19 10:07:20

If fertomid is clomid, then it doesn't contain HCG, unlike some fertility medication. So no advice, really, other than to be quitely hopeful and retest again after your missed period. Fingers crossed xxx

mummymeister Wed 27-Mar-19 10:07:26

I have been in your shoes. try and wait until you have a missed period/ late period before you test because a false positive raises your hopes and its the mental side of this that is really important.

what does your doctor say about when you should test?

I was on meds and it did all sorts of weird stuff to my body and mind. I blew up like a balloon at one point and spent most days being incredibly sick on clomid. Good luck I have my fingers crossed for you.

HopefulAgain10 Wed 27-Mar-19 10:13:21

Thank you both. Yes fertomid is like clomid. According to the plan the doctor gave us, i need to test on day 29. So i do have a few days to go.

user1473878824 Wed 27-Mar-19 11:07:28

Good luck OP xx

mummymeister Wed 27-Mar-19 11:27:49

Hopeful I know the waiting is just awful but its really important that you stop testing now and just wait. its a lovely spring day out there get out, get some fresh air, buy yourself a treat (cheese would be mine but might not be yours!!) and just try and be kind to yourself. Bloody hate the waiting around so I am with you on this.

LaurieMarlow Wed 27-Mar-19 11:52:46

I drove myself mad with early testing so made a conscious decision to not test until after a missed period. It helped my mental state a lot, so I'd hold off for now and try and distract yourself.

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