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Light fittings...

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RCAR Wed 27-Mar-19 09:50:27

Sorry to post here but I've got these glass globes, ceiling light globes, frosted glass. But just the globes. What the hell is the name of the chrome bracket that they actually fit into that is flush on the ceiling? Does anyone know? I've tried 'check ring' but its not that. It's the metal collar with screws sticking out of it that holds the shade in place...gaah.

TheQueef Wed 27-Mar-19 09:51:26

The rose?

RCAR Wed 27-Mar-19 09:52:23

Figured it out! It is 'flush mount shade holder' for anyone who gave a shit grin

MereDintofPandiculation Wed 27-Mar-19 10:33:37

The most difficult part of searching for bits on line is often finding out what those bits are called. I remember trying to find those rings to put round the tops of rubbish bags to make litter picking easier - who knew that there could be so many meanings for "rubbish rings"?

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