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To wonder what has got into our local marsupials?

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Tinkerbell456 Wed 27-Mar-19 04:05:21

As the title implies, I am in Australia. We live on a rural residential area. The local marsupials seem to need anger management of late. First, the dog got into a tussle with a possum and sustained numerous scratches. Then, this morning we look out of the French doors to see two wallabies locked in mortal combat on the lawn while our geese looked on in confusion. Valium and counselling?

PregnantSea Wed 27-Mar-19 04:08:27

If tourists would stop feeding them human food then that would be a great start...

I've always found kangaroos to be a bit aggressive but not wallabies! They must be very riled up about something lol

Tinkerbell456 Wed 27-Mar-19 04:10:07

Nope, me neither, but push had come to shove and tempers had flared!

Birdie6 Wed 27-Mar-19 04:13:34

It's quite normal for wallabies to fight each other - usually it's boy v boy , trying to impress the ladies. And I'd guess that the possum was probably feeling threatened by your dog - possums are pretty docile but they'll fight if they feel vulnerable to attack. Your dog might have spooked him.

So no I don't thing you need to hand out the Valium - your marsupials are just acting like their normal selves.

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