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AIBU: if you could only ever eat one flavour and type of crisp...

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Boredgiraffes Wed 27-Mar-19 01:58:27

Prawn cocktail walkers!

thinkivelostmymind Wed 27-Mar-19 02:07:02

Prawn cocktail worst crisps ever. Best pickled onion walkers

nocoolnamesleft Wed 27-Mar-19 02:08:42

Kettle lightly salted.

stayathomer Wed 27-Mar-19 02:09:37

Cheese and onion!

TannatTart Wed 27-Mar-19 02:13:49

Walkers cheese and onion. I live overseas now and have to buy them in bulk from Amazon - totally worth it grin

Wingedharpy Wed 27-Mar-19 02:17:00

Lays oregano crisps.

BartonHollow Wed 27-Mar-19 02:18:04

Tayto (ROI) Cheese And Onion

Boredgiraffes Wed 27-Mar-19 02:19:04

Cheese and onion are awful, they are the ones which lay neglected at the bottom of a multipack

Shockers Wed 27-Mar-19 02:20:38

They’re eaten first in our house!

tryingtobemybestme Wed 27-Mar-19 02:22:29

Salt and vinegar is my go to!

Bananarama12 Wed 27-Mar-19 02:22:51

Worcester sauce walkers

WinterHeatWave Wed 27-Mar-19 02:37:26

Me: salt and vinegar.
Kids: tomato ketchup (can you even get that in the UK??? It's Lays, so Walkers)
DH: probably some form of Chilli, but maybe cream cheese and spring onion.

Kids at school, judging from what gets taken at parties (I help the PTA) flaming cheetos

Celticrose Wed 27-Mar-19 02:42:53

Toss up between Walkers pickled onion and Tayto cheese and Onion (certain times of the the year they are especially good)
Also love Tyrells sweet chilli and red pepper

LookAtThatCritter Wed 27-Mar-19 02:52:50

Hot monster munch

ImposterSyndrome101 Wed 27-Mar-19 03:05:59

Pickled onion monster munch or salt and vinegar pringles.

AgentProvocateur Wed 27-Mar-19 03:17:27

Picked onion monster munch.

Ijumpedtheshark Wed 27-Mar-19 03:31:26

Walkers Salt and Vinegar

BloggersNet Wed 27-Mar-19 03:45:24

Steak flavoured McCoy's.

HistoriaTrixie Wed 27-Mar-19 03:49:25

Utz brand (am in the US) fried dill pickle flavor chips/crisps.

vampirethriller Wed 27-Mar-19 06:11:30

Salt and vinegar squares

WatchingTheWheels85 Wed 27-Mar-19 06:15:08

Sainsbury bacon fries

OKBobble Wed 27-Mar-19 06:15:46

Walkers salt and vinegar
Kettles cracked black pepper

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Wed 27-Mar-19 06:15:55

Oh I love dill pickle chips. Or Cheetos. Or prawn cocktail which you can’t really get here (Canada).


LoopyLou1981 Wed 27-Mar-19 06:25:45

Scampi fries or anything ready salted

BeanBag7 Wed 27-Mar-19 06:27:11

Walkers Sensations Sweet Chilli
Preferably with heaps of sour cream and chive dip

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