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to think that being able to PM in the mobile app would be a MN game changed?

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BrandyMyLove Tue 26-Mar-19 22:49:51

Just that really!

Sorry if this has been done before..

BrandyMyLove Tue 26-Mar-19 22:52:08

*changer 🤦🏽‍♀️

beeyourself Tue 26-Mar-19 22:55:55

I'm with you

Balloondog Tue 26-Mar-19 22:56:51

Agree 100%.

BrandyMyLove Tue 26-Mar-19 23:00:29

So many threads I've read after which I would've potentially PMd people suffering with similar issues to me, but never do as it's too much of a faff opening a browser to then log in, find that user etc.

olderthanyouthink Tue 26-Mar-19 23:05:09

Yes! Or I miss PMs because I don't frequent the website but I'm on the app all damn day

GrandmaSharksDentures Tue 26-Mar-19 23:07:09

I'd like this too

Ginger1982 Tue 26-Mar-19 23:09:42

Can you not just do it like this if you know the name? The browser then just open automatically. No need to log in again? I do it on my phone all the time. See pics below.

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