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AIBU to be thoroughly confused about these opk results?

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Sullensilence Tue 26-Mar-19 20:56:56

Using clear blue digital (the one which supposedly gives you four fertile days) but got a smiley on the 23rd which is really early in my cycle.
Continued testing with cheap opks as it was so early and wanted to see if it married up - it didn’t. I use an app to upload pictures and it measures the ratio of colour in the lines (ie which is darkest) and it showed as a peak result yesterday, two days after the clear blue digital peak.

Carried on testing because I wanted to see it go negative and because the results have been a bit weird - just tested and now it looks like the line is getting very dark again?! Pic attached.

Has anyone had this kind of result before? Am I set to get a third positive opk this cycle?!

Sullensilence Wed 27-Mar-19 12:45:11

No one? @mnhq maybe I should have posted this in conception boards!

Celebelly Wed 27-Mar-19 12:47:05

Is the digital one that gives static smiley when it detects estrogen surge and then flashing for Lh surge? Or is it the more basic one that just has static smiley for LH surge?

Celebelly Wed 27-Mar-19 12:51:46

Also it's not that unusual to get multiple LH surges in a cycle (particularly if you have PCOS). Not ideal for using OPKs unfortunately but does sometimes happen! If you have regular cycles and know your luteal phase length (the time between ovulation and your period arriving) then you can generally know when you're ovulating month to month anyway as luteal phase doesn't usually vary by more than a day month to month. If your cycles are irregular then OPKs are more helpful, but they still only indicate your body is preparing to ovulate. Tracking BBT is only way to really confirm ovulation (other than ultrasounds). I found that much more helpful than OPKs in the end as I knew when I could stop 'trying' for that month!

Sullensilence Wed 27-Mar-19 15:54:30

@celebelly thank you!!! It’s the ones that have the flashing smiley and then the static smiley - but mine went straight from low to static smiley. It’s the first month of using clear blue though so don’t know if that makes a difference

My cycles are pretty irregular now unfortunately, not enough to be technically classed as irregular but enough to make it a pain in the backside when trying to track

Maybe I’ll have to give in and do temping!

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