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To be eating this for dinner?

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SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Tue 26-Mar-19 19:17:00

Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps with Sauvignon grinwine

EustaciaPieface Tue 26-Mar-19 19:18:36

I’m on my way round!

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 26-Mar-19 19:20:00

Sounds like a perfect meal

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Tue 26-Mar-19 19:22:03

Its literally the perfect meal! I think it's going to turn into the bottle and 3 bags

bitchfromhell Tue 26-Mar-19 19:22:15


You need Cotes de Provence and Ready Salted you heathen wink

Jebuschristchocolatebar Tue 26-Mar-19 19:22:33

It’s not very balanced. You need some malteasers for fibre

Ginkythefangedhellpigofdoom Tue 26-Mar-19 19:23:04

All you needed to do was add a little coleslaw to the rolls and pour a nice Cabernet Sauvignon for me and I'd be a very satisfied dinner companion.

Ginkythefangedhellpigofdoom Tue 26-Mar-19 19:23:58

Sorry I thought you said crisp rolls blush

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Tue 26-Mar-19 19:24:14

#Ginky no rolls just cheese and onion crisps grin

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Tue 26-Mar-19 19:24:29

Cross post!

KitschBitch Tue 26-Mar-19 19:28:44

Sounds delicious, but will you not be hungry still? I would round it off with a large bar of fruit and nut (added protein) grin

Nnnnnineteen Tue 26-Mar-19 19:30:17

I've got Chianti and twiglets. Today is not a day for actual food.

Butteredghost Tue 26-Mar-19 19:30:24

Ah we are meal twins tonight! Except my crisps were salt and vinegar.

TwitterQueen1 Tue 26-Mar-19 19:31:37

I raise you a bagel, with smoked cheddar cheese and organic vine tomatoes sprinkled with salt, pepper and sugar, plus large vino!

chestylarue52 Tue 26-Mar-19 19:32:10

I'm having champagne and fish fingers and onion rings.

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Tue 26-Mar-19 19:32:52

I've just added sustinence by using a rogue bagel thin to sandwich the crisps

mbosnz Tue 26-Mar-19 19:34:50

Which sav blanc?

TwitterQueen1 Tue 26-Mar-19 19:36:05

I said 'bagel' first! <stamps foot.

Bluntness100 Tue 26-Mar-19 19:36:09

I had a baileys coffee and some Cadbury's celebrations for dinner tonight. 🤣

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Tue 26-Mar-19 19:37:14

It's a Kiwi Cove one,nothing fancy

UrsulaPandress Tue 26-Mar-19 19:37:29

Hell no. Plain crisps and a nice South African Chenin Blanc.

mbosnz Tue 26-Mar-19 19:38:35

Good enough!

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Tue 26-Mar-19 19:39:29

@Bluntness I like your style

HomoHeinekenensis Tue 26-Mar-19 19:49:30

All major food groups covered there so not a problem OP. grin

Bluntness100 Tue 26-Mar-19 19:50:12

Same back op 🤣

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