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To be absolutely fuming at my GPs?

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metsa Tue 26-Mar-19 17:16:55

My baby will turn 6 weeks old on 3rd April. The GP surgery called me when I was first home to give me details on how to register her and told me that someone will be in touch to arrange her 6 week check. So I waited until today, with no contact from them, and finally decided I can't wait any longer so I decided to arrange this appointment myself.

Well apparently the soonest appointment they have is 16th April! I am fuming. I had a cesarean and I cannot drive. I live in a village. My partner works long hours 50 miles from where we live and is a contractor so doesn't get paid for days he doesn't go into work. I am totally stranded. I have missed one blood test for me and one for the baby already simply because there is no way for me to get to them. I will have missed the due date on another 2 blood tests by the time of this appointment.

And to make it worse my in laws are coming for the week of 8th April. I will no have no choice but to sit at home with them all week since I can't drive them anywhere. We can walk around the village but nowhere else.

I am fuming because this is not a surprise need for an appointment or a whim I have. This is essential and has been known about for weeks. If I hadn't contacted the GP today I have no idea when or if they would have contacted me. I feel utterly isolated and let down. AIBU?

LEDadjacent Tue 26-Mar-19 17:19:34

I’m confused. How is it the GP’s fault that you can’t drive?

As for the late appointment, yes, that’s irritating. You must have been forgotten.

RagamuffinCat Tue 26-Mar-19 17:21:04

Why can't you drive still? Perhaps if you explain you have missed the blood tests for you they might be able to leave a form out rather than waiting for an appointment to become available?

Chloemol Tue 26-Mar-19 17:21:29

Yes you should have contacted them earlier if you had not heard. You must know that doctors have long waiting times for appointments. I would have contacted within a week of registration

Di11y Tue 26-Mar-19 17:21:38

I don't think you need to be signed off to drive, I think you can use your judgement.

Chocolateisfab Tue 26-Mar-19 17:22:25

You don't need a Dr to say its OK to drive.
I did ten days post csection - after checking with insurers.

Alsohuman Tue 26-Mar-19 17:22:25

And breathe. There’s nothing magical about a baby reaching six weeks. Checking that you and your baby are OK thirteen days after the six weeks is up will be fine. Isn’t six weeks the recommended time to refrain from driving? I don’t understand why, if you feel well and have healed why you can’t drive or how the six week check affects that.

Grumpbum123 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:22:34

Surely when it was heading towards 4/52 you would have perhaps chased it. They’re not your personal secretary

GreatDuckCookery6211 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:22:47

You sound fed up. Maybe sort some driving lessons out to give you some freedom?

GreatDuckCookery6211 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:23:30

Oh sorry you can drive ignore me.

Littlebelina Tue 26-Mar-19 17:23:42

First thing to do is check with your insurance. Some will be ok with you driving if you feel ok to drive. If they need you to get a medical professional to say you are ok to drive (mine state this) then ask your GP for a telephone appointment. I didn't get any physical checks at my 6 week check (which was at 9 weeks) just asked if I felt ok. You might not even need a telephone appointment, the receptionist might be able to pass on a message and get back to you.

It is frustrating but not unusual for the "6 week" check to be late. It's often done at the same time as the 8 week jabs. There should be a way round it to let you drive if you feel fit to.

MaderiaCycle Tue 26-Mar-19 17:23:56

Not all GPs do a six week check.

CandyCreeper Tue 26-Mar-19 17:24:11


ivykaty44 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:24:15

Why on earth do you blame the gp for not driving?

Telephone your car insurance and sort out with them whether you can drive or not

EggysMom Tue 26-Mar-19 17:24:20

I'm not sure how it is the GP's fault that you live in a village, that you DH works away and has to stop work to get you to their surgery, or that your in-laws are visiting.

But you've learnt one thing - don't rely on the GP to call back if it's not the same day. Make a diary note yourself, and phone them to make future appointments.

LorelaiRoryEmily Tue 26-Mar-19 17:25:29

Why can’t you drive still? I was driving 3 weeks after my section. And I could probably have driven before that... it’s annoying to be forgotten like that but maybe you’re being a bit cautious about the driving?

Fattymcfaterson Tue 26-Mar-19 17:25:35

IT is not the GP's fault that you cant drive and are seemingly unable to get a taxi?? So i dont really understand that part of your post.

Celebelly Tue 26-Mar-19 17:25:48

I just called up to book mine when I hadn't heard anything by five weeks. I had a C section and have been driving last couple of weeks too (I'm six weeks post-partum now). Have you checked with your insurer or are you just assuming that you can't drive yet? Mine didn't really care, just said as long as I felt fine.

iknowimcoming Tue 26-Mar-19 17:25:59

My insurance co told me when I was able to perform an emergency stop (I.e. go and sit in the drivers seat and hit the brakes hard) without issue I was fine to drive whenever I liked - I think it was 3-4 weeks after birth and I had a bad infection in my scar

GreatDuckCookery6211 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:26:08

Do you need the all clear from a GP to drive after a section?

SileneOliveira Tue 26-Mar-19 17:26:13

Are you worried about her? The "6 week" check doesn't have to be done bang on 6 weeks. The fact you're a bit later won't make a blind bit of difference.

Any time I've had a baby - three of them, living in 3 different places with 3 separate GPs - I've had to make the 6 week check appointment. And yes you do sometimes have to wait as usually it's a double appointment and not all GPs do them.

If you're feeling well, drive. The GP doesn't hand you a magic bit of paper permitting you to get back behind the wheel.

And it really is nothing to be "fuming" about.

icannotremember Tue 26-Mar-19 17:26:56

I don't drive and haven't had a section so this may be a totally useless post- but I get the impression you think you need a GP to give the OK for you to start driving again? That isn't the case: if you feel well and able enough to drive, you can do so. You can always check with your insurer if you want reassurance that they don't demand a doctor's say-so.

I don't think any of my babies had their 6 week check on schedule, either.

Sallyspoons Tue 26-Mar-19 17:27:07

I was back driving after two weeks?

ivykaty44 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:27:34

Why won’t your in laws drive you about if you want to go somewhere?

TheQueef Tue 26-Mar-19 17:28:12

I heard about this thing, taxi they call it. I think it'll catch on.

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