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To ask at what age you let your DC regularly drink soft drinks?

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UnderTheAntenna Tue 26-Mar-19 15:33:24

i.e. not just water or milk (hot choc). How old were they when you let them drink soft drinks on non-special occasions?

Chocolateisfab Tue 26-Mar-19 15:36:25

Dc are 12+13 and still it's a no!! Ds 15 has a medical condition so it's a no at home but he gets them when not in my presence I am sure!
Pretty strict with pop tbh!

Hollowvictory Tue 26-Mar-19 15:37:28

Only on sp occasions they are 12

Aquamarine1029 Tue 26-Mar-19 15:37:38

Soft drinks were a rarity in my children's lives and we never bought it for our home. Soda is nothing but garbage, and our society's epidemic of adult and childhood obesity is a testament to that.

Letthemysterybe Tue 26-Mar-19 15:37:42

So, juice? They had that watered down from
1, with meals. But not usually just by itself. If they are thirsty at non meal times they will have water. Fizzy drinks? Never!

SwimmingJustKeepSwimming Tue 26-Mar-19 15:37:59

Ive been happy with squash on occasions when they started school - and we sometimes have fruit juice.

But we dont have fizzy in the house. Occasional lemonade when we eat out but thats not often, 10 and 7.

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Tue 26-Mar-19 15:40:01

How old were they when you let them drink soft drinks on non-special occasions?

I dont think I understand the question. Are you asking when you let children drink squash? or fizzy pop? or cordial?

@chocolateisfab - you really dont let your teenagers drink squash or hot chocolate?

Inaquandry06 Tue 26-Mar-19 15:40:17

Squash at home but never buy fizzy stuff for the house, they can have it at parties or occasionally at the cinema or families houses

Upthepong Tue 26-Mar-19 15:42:47

Mine have a small glass of fresh juice with breakfast. Occasionally they might get squash, at the weekends say. Pop is only for special occasions or if we go out for a meal. Most of the time it is water or milk. Poor blighters grin

YouWinAgain Tue 26-Mar-19 15:43:40

DD aged 3 has squash with her main meal but that's only because my ExH gives it her at meal times and I get "but daddy lets me". She doesn't have it at all on Nursery days as Nursery don't offer it.

Fizzy Drinks are not in the house at all, but I do let her occasionally have a sip of lemonade or something at a party or if we go for a pub lunch with my granddad and I have it (I don't drink alcohol when I have DD in my care). Thankfully me and her dad are the same on that.

Upthepong Tue 26-Mar-19 15:43:48

Said poor blighters are under 10 and over 5

CustardOmlet Tue 26-Mar-19 15:45:02

Squash from 1yr - constipation or obsessing about a drop of flavour in their water, there really was no contest!!!

nutellalove Tue 26-Mar-19 15:46:42

Don't have DC but my parents let me have sips of fizzy drinks from age 1ish. I must have been having my own a few months/years after that. That would probably be called neglectful parenting nowgrin but I think I turned out ok, not addicted or anything like that haha

PutOnYourDamnSocks Tue 26-Mar-19 15:47:46

Restaurants, cinema, Sunday lunch and special occasions. Otherwise it’s milk or water. Since the youngest one was 7

dementedpixie Tue 26-Mar-19 15:49:28

Mine get water, fruit juice, squash during the week. Ds (12) gets fizzy at the weekend. Dd(15) isn't keen on fizzy drinks but will have a fresh orange and lemonade in a tall glass with dinner on Sunday or if we're out for food. I buy diet drinks as ds has issues with the enamel on his teeth. I drink water and tea during the day and have a glass of fizzy stuff with dinner.

Happyspud Tue 26-Mar-19 15:50:30

I wouldn’t buy it into the house at any age.

CarolDanvers Tue 26-Mar-19 15:53:52

They're 16 and 12 and don't drink anything but water unless we are out for a meal or having a take away. They don't drink tea or coffee either. I was always perplexed by this idea that sugary carbonated drinks should be habitually consumed on a daily basis so never allowed that habit to develop. They're old enough to choose now and always have water.

FlagranceDirect Tue 26-Mar-19 15:55:14

I've never bought fizzy drinks, not for myself or guests, so we've just never had them available. The children never asked for them and don't drink them now they are adults. They had really weak milky tea from quite young, 2 or 3. Didn't have fruit juice either. Never really thought about it before.

SheChoseDown Tue 26-Mar-19 15:56:34

Only when they mix it with vodka

formerbabe Tue 26-Mar-19 15:56:39

8 and 11 here....still only milk and water. They dislike fizzy drinks and I've been so strict about them not drinking them, my ds assumed they were illegal grin

Alanna1 Tue 26-Mar-19 15:57:07

Er, never?
I never buy sugar fizzy drinks, whether special or non-special occasions, at home. I'm 44. My parents never buy it. They are in their late 70s. Squash - maybe for a children's party, but I'd just as likely make them make homemade lemonade.

BlackInk Tue 26-Mar-19 15:57:20

DS9 and DD7 mainly drink water.

They have a small glass of fruit juice with breakfast and then it's water through the rest of the day.

We usually have squash in the house but they rarely ask for it.

DS occasionally has a glass of milk or a babyccino in a cafe, and very occasionally lemonade in the pub.

DD doesn't like milky drinks and usually has fruit juice in cafes and pubs.

We're not strict about it. This is just how it's worked out. DP and I don't really drink sugary drinks - we survive on tea, coffee and wine smile

Puffykins Tue 26-Mar-19 15:57:38

Still never. They're 6 and 8. Unless you count the green juice I make them drink at breakfast every day....

neddle Tue 26-Mar-19 15:57:52

We have squash, milk and water available whenever they want.
They often get Fanta with a takeaway and fizzy drinks when out at say Pizza Hut.
At home, dh and I drink cola and they often have some too.

Kids between 4 and 17 and no fillings.

BlueSkiesLies Tue 26-Mar-19 15:58:40

I would consider those to be a treat, on a par to when you might drink alcohol eg a meal out or special occasion

Canshopwillshop Tue 26-Mar-19 15:59:36

Mine are 14 and 12 and have the odd coke or lemonade when we go out to the pub or for a meal. They are allowed a J20 each on Fridays and Saturdays. We don’t have fizzy drinks or squash at home, they drink water, milk or fruit juice/smoothies.

Fairylea Tue 26-Mar-19 16:00:31

Wow so many people are so strict about this shock

Ds is 6 and dd is 16. We have squash at home (no added sugar) and they mainly drink water but at weekends when we’re out anything goes. They’ll usually have a coke or a Fanta with a meal or lunch out. Neither have fillings or any dental problems. Both healthy and slim.

I never, ever drink anything other than non sweetened tea because that’s all I like and I have the worst teeth out of all of us.... I brush my teeth twice a day etc etc. I do think a lot of it is just genetics and luck.

Cuddlysnowleopard Tue 26-Mar-19 16:00:44

Never at home. Because no one else drinks them, do I don't buy them.

12 year old has the odd J20 when he's out, but he doesn't like fizzy drinks. 15 year old drinks what he likes when he's out, but he's not really bothered.

They both drink water with meals (including restaurant meals), and gallons of milk the rest of the time.

PinkieTuscadero Tue 26-Mar-19 16:02:14

OP, didn't you know the type of replies you'd get? Of course on MN their 16 year olds only drink water!

Catsandbootsandbootsandcats Tue 26-Mar-19 16:03:24

I very very rarely buy squash or fizzy drinks for home, and mine are 20, 16, 14 & 11.

Mainly because we're on a low income, and they end up drinking it in one sitting and then moaning so and so had more than them etc.
Oh, and too much fizzy drink makes the 14 yo throw up for some reason!

So they get a drink sometimes if we're out or we go out for a meal, but that's it.

None of them are particularly bothered by the lack of fizz, they happily drink water. The oldest buys orange juice for himself.

Disfordarkchocolate Tue 26-Mar-19 16:04:37

Water only at home for most of the time. Juice every month or two at home. When we're out he has a soft drink if he wants one (he's 14).

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 26-Mar-19 16:05:43

3 probably, though it was squash, and fizzy juice occasionally.
She's 17 now and drinks probably 75% water, with tea/fruit tea/coffee/fizzy juice/fresh juice/smoothies/kefir and alcohol making up the other 25%

megletthesecond Tue 26-Mar-19 16:05:47

12 & 10.
Soft drinks still only on meals out.

dementedpixie Tue 26-Mar-19 16:05:57

This thread is the polar opposite of everyone I know! There is fruit juice, milk, lemonade and irn bru in my fridge (both diet) and Robinson's squash in the cupboard. Dh and I will have a fizzy drink with dinner and the kids can have some at the weekend. They will have squash with dinner. There's flavoured water and yazoo strawberry milk too

notso Tue 26-Mar-19 16:08:19

From about one.

BogstandardBelle Tue 26-Mar-19 16:09:20

Never. They are 11 and 8 now and we never have, never will buy them regularly. Why would you want to get them into the habit of drinking them?

Cherylshaw Tue 26-Mar-19 16:09:56

I was never allowed fizzy drinks as a child or teen then when I moved our at 17 I made up for lost time and now I'm a coke (Coca-Cola) addict! I think if you are sensible with it it is fine in small amounts, everything in moderation, I wouldn't allow till at least 10 personally

Hollowvictory Tue 26-Mar-19 16:10:28

No fruit juice especially orange due to tooth enamel issues.

formerbabe Tue 26-Mar-19 16:10:29

I've always hated fizzy just wouldn't occur to me to have them in the house or to buy them when I'm doing the shopping.

Hollowvictory Tue 26-Mar-19 16:11:07

We tend to drink alcohol with dinner rather than lemonade

Faster Tue 26-Mar-19 16:14:03

DS is almost two. He gets sugar free squash in his water sometimes, he gets milk that’s been shown a tea bag as well once or twice a week. He doesn’t get fizzy as I don’t buy it in and he’s happy with what he has. He can be a bit tricky with not drinking much so I’m pretty relaxed if he’s going to get fluids into him.

ItsAllGone19 Tue 26-Mar-19 16:14:04

My eldest only has squash as a soft drink and has done since we started weaning. She won't contemplate fizzy drinks of any kind.

Youngest though has discovered and loves fizzy drinks so is allowed some once or twice a week, she is 6. I'd prefer that she didn't have any but my experience tells me banning something that someone likes is not the route to healthy self moderation as an adult.

Faster Tue 26-Mar-19 16:14:59

Oh and we don’t buy fruit juice, we just eat fruit.

teyem Tue 26-Mar-19 16:15:29

My ds1 who is almost 12 might have a glass of coke once a week. I don't regulate it particularly though, he just grabs a drink when we have it in. My other two, both younger, don't like fizzy drinks but I need to keep an eye on my littlest who would mainline Ribena given the chance.

JaniceBattersby Tue 26-Mar-19 16:15:35

Every single parent I know has sugar free orange and sugar free blackcurrant in their cupboards and most of their children drink it daily.

Fizzy drinks are for special occasions or with Sunday lunch if we’re having a glass of wine.

Solo Tue 26-Mar-19 16:18:15

I never did allow it. Ds is 20 and now loves energy drinks hmm and Dd is 12 and a tea and water drinker. But then again, I'm not a fizzy pop lover so, I wouldn't really offer it to my kids. Dd and I drink lime soda if we are out for a meal though. I don't personally think tooth-rotting drinks need to be encouraged but, that's me!

Mominatrix Tue 26-Mar-19 16:19:54

"Let" them? I don't buy fizzy drinks for home consumption except champagne, and they are too young to drink that. However, when we are out of the house, they are welcome to order as they please.

One son is a teenager with pocket money which he has freedom to spend as he pleases, which includes fizzy drinks if he wants. I am under no delusion that I have any control over which beverages he chooses to drink with his mates.

bellsbuss Tue 26-Mar-19 16:22:10

DD1 20 and DD 2 14 I was very strict with and they only had water or milk until they started school then were allowed juice DS1 10 had juice from about 2 and DS2 3 has tried pretty much everything blush

nothanksbarbra Tue 26-Mar-19 16:23:23

3 teenagers here they all drink fizzy drinks but 2 of them isn't particularly fond of them and prefers water.

4&2 year old just drink water or milk

I buy two bottles of pop, orange juice, bottled water and squash in my shopping each week. Sometimes the pop isn't even been opened. I like to have a selection incase anyone fancy them.

Boysey45 Tue 26-Mar-19 16:24:17

In cordial even if its no added sugar, theres still sugar in it and its the acidity that wrecks teeth as well.
Diet pop is the same, its really bad for teeth.
I've had loads of dental work done and have drunk a lot of pop over the years, Looking back I'd never had touched it if I'd have known.

Tap water, tea and coffee is what I would go for and a weak dilute drink for tea.No fizzy pop.

CurtainsOpen Tue 26-Mar-19 16:28:09

Depends if they're getting the round in or not

Stayawayfromitsmouth Tue 26-Mar-19 16:29:06

Nearly 5yo has it on special occasions only. Nearly 3yo has had a rare sip.
We don't have it in the house except as a mixer. I don't like them having concentrated squash either.
We drink water, milk or fresh fruit juice. Tea, milkshake or hotchoc.
It's generally the case with the mc liberal demographic where I'm from.
However, my nephews were raised on fizzy and McDonald's and my friends from my home town delight in being really, really laid back unhealthy and lazy with their kids in front of mine.

Thesearmsofmine Tue 26-Mar-19 16:30:22

At home my dc (8, 6 &2)drink water or milk. Once a week or so they will have either a flavoured milk, hot chocolate or a glass of fruit juice.
DH drinks squash so we have it in but the DC have never asked to have any.

If we’re out having a meal they usually pick milk(sometimes flavoured if they sell it) or a fruit juice.

My older two 6&8 have only had fizzy drinks a couple of times one of those mini cans of lemonade on New Year’s Eve.

TotalNoob Tue 26-Mar-19 16:31:26

@JaniceBattersby same here.

Don’t people buy soft drinks just because they taste nice? I mean yeah water quenches your thirst but it’s not exactly enjoyable is it. And I don’t mean sugar laden fizzy.

My dc drink fruit juice with sparkling water in at the weekends. Bite me.

Babygrey7 Tue 26-Mar-19 16:36:49

LOL, this thread is nothing like real life grin

BiddyPop Tue 26-Mar-19 16:43:56

DD got a huge dispensation when she was 11 that she could have A (single) coke once a week. She doesn't have it every week, and most of the time it was a mini-can (not a 330ml, but the smaller cans as mixer size).

Realistically, she has the odd fizzy drink - mostly on special occasions or when out for a meal. But she will ask for a Britvic OJ more often than a fizzy drink, or look for an iced-tea based drink in the shops a lot. Or plain or sparkling water. She likes J2O's as well as more special occasion drinks.

Sometimes we make squash using sparkling water rather than tap water.

At home, it is mostly water, squash, milk or hot chocolate, with the odd cup of tea thrown in, and rare fizzy drinks. She likes some fruit smoothies - both homemade and shop bought - on occasion.

She has cut the amount of fizzy drinks herself in the past couple of years - particularly in 6th class before leaving primary, and markedly so this year in 1st year of Secondary school.

I echo others about like adults having wine - its not an everyday thing, and it does tend to be rationed even when available. But her teeth are good, and we are happy for her to have some, in moderation - and have discussed it with her in that context, having some in moderation. But we have various cans of fizzy drinks at times in the cupboards, and some J2Os, and some beer and wine etc - and they can sit there for quite a while.

Even when we do have them, we tend to just open a can, rather than a bottle, as that is plenty for 1 person. And a bottle usually either goes flat and gets wasted, or we all feel a bit ick after drinking it all. So a variety of cans works better for us.

BiddyPop Tue 26-Mar-19 16:47:52

Sorry I meant to make it clear that DD's dispensation at age 11 was about Coca Cola (and caffeine), rather than fizzy drinks. We were not keen on her drinking coke.

She barely even wants it now, aged 13. It really is mostly iced tea drinks and smoothies and fruit juices and hot chocolates outside the house, and squash, milk, hot choc and tea at home. No coffee yet (although she loves coffee cake!) - but DH and I drink plenty of that so I foresee it coming at some stage.

We also have almost no sugar in the house - we have a bowl for DH's wheetabix in the mornings, so visitors can have it as needed, but none of us use it in any drinks.

PinkieTuscadero Tue 26-Mar-19 16:49:01

LOL, this thread is nothing like real life

It's like when there's a 'at what age will you be mortgage free?' thread. It attracts all the people who've paid off or expect to pay off their mortgage by the time they're 45.

Or a 'how much alcohol do you drink?' thread seems to attract the teetotallers.

jelliebelly Tue 26-Mar-19 16:54:04

We don't have it at home and mine are 13 and 10.

Rachie1973 Tue 26-Mar-19 16:55:10

Lol. I don’t think I ever didn’t ‘let’ my kids not have drinks. I didn’t really worry so long as they brushed their teeth and stayed hydrated. The youngest is 17 now and I still have 4 different flavour bottles of squash sat on the kitchen side.

thaegumathteth Tue 26-Mar-19 16:55:31

Ds is 12 and he does now because they sell them in the school canteen. Dd is 8 and doesn’t drink them at all.

pinkhorse Tue 26-Mar-19 16:55:34

What are soft drinks? Squash or fizzy?

thaegumathteth Tue 26-Mar-19 16:56:39

Oh hang on I only mean fizzy drinks though. They’re allowed squash etc and have been since they were about 3.

BlackInk Tue 26-Mar-19 17:02:53

We're honestly not weird about sugar. We just don't tend to drink it. The squash we have is always full sugar squash... I'm weird about artificial sweeteners grin

TarragonSauce Tue 26-Mar-19 17:07:18

My dc are now 24 and 17. I have always had a full range of drinks - milk, juice, squash, fizzy, water available to them. They naturally gravitated towards milk, I don't think either of them every tasted fizzy till they were about 7. I just never offered and they never asked.
They both still live at home, and both are teetotal (dunno where that came from, dh and I both love all sorts of alcohol). They set out water with their evening meal, they have juice with breakfast, but if we are having a takeaway at the weekend they have coke or lemonade. But only if it's takeaway. Both still love anything milk-based. Neither drink coffee. Dh and I live off coffee.
We have never discussed it with them.
I've raised oddbods.

sailorsdelight Tue 26-Mar-19 17:12:00

Nothing but water or milk at ours and the eldest is 9. Occasional juice or Fanta on hols. Coke and caffeine drinks are a flat out no.

Alsohuman Tue 26-Mar-19 17:15:10

Anyone normal reading this thread would think it was about crack cocaine.

SmarmyMrMime Tue 26-Mar-19 17:15:21

I drink well diluted full sugar squash frequently as I don't like tea or coffee, and milk is a highly effective rapid laxitive to me.

The DCs mainly drink water, but squash is avaliable. They'll often have some warm blackcurrant on a chilly morning to warm them up for the walk to school. Out of the house, they can have fizzy, but I tend to steer them towards proper coke rather than the others with revolting artificial sweetners in. DS1 had CMPA and has never drunk cows milk although he is no longer allergic. There are some cans of fizzy in the house, but it's not routinely drink and can sit there half-forgotten for many months waiting for an occasion.

Their teeth are in good condition, and they are just about up into the low relms of healthy weight rather than being underweight, so I can't bring myself to get stressed over a few sugary drinks a week when they mainly drink water.

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Tue 26-Mar-19 17:15:54

Coke etc special occasions,dilute pop buy rarely,fizzy water all the time

Inferiorbeing Tue 26-Mar-19 17:17:14

I don't have DC but both me and DH are addicted to fizzy drinks (we both will only have diet and neither of us are obese before anyone jumps in) so i wouldn't allow my child to have any! We have both stopped for short periods of our life but i just had to run down to the shop because i had a massive headache from not having any for two days.

Boysey45 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:23:31

Fruit juice and fruit smoothies are just as bad as coke for teeth.In fact some smoothies have even higher sugar content than full sugar coke.
Tooth decay hit me in later life, when I was in my teens I thought that if you brushed a lot like 3 x per day you were o.k. I was deluded.

UnderTheAntenna Tue 26-Mar-19 17:28:20

They're 7/9 and pestering me for ice tea. I bought some for a party and they've just finished the last of it. I wondered if I was BU not to replace it. Last year I forgot to get any drinks in for a birthday party blush and had to make and cool some herbal tea! I don't have squash, juice or fizzy drinks in the house otherwise.

They have a choice of water, milk with or without chocolate powder and herbal tea. They've started asking for fizzy water & apple juice when we eat out. I don't want to ban it outright but neither do I want them drinking caffeine regularly.

RB68 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:33:19

we have squash in the house and I get 2ltrs of Pop at Christmas..... shes 14. If we are out somewhere she has one or two but that's not that often prob once a month at the very most

Dippypippy1980 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:40:25

My daughter mainly drinks water and milk, but we have low sugar dilutable and low sugar apple juice in the house which she enjoys. She also has hit chocolate occassionally and strawberry milk.

She is obsessed by fizzy drinks and I will sometimes let her have a little of mine if we are out, but never a whole can.

She is nearly seven.

Dippypippy1980 Tue 26-Mar-19 17:41:22

It’s fruit shots for parties and play dates. If I cooled herbal tea they would be horrofied!!!!

Sweetbabycheezits Tue 26-Mar-19 17:43:47

We have fizzy in occasionally on a weekend, but mainly DCs (11 and 12) drink water, milk, sometimes squash. Fizzy drinks if we're out for a meal, or for a party.
I try not to make too big a deal of it...I don't want it to become 'forbidden' and therefore more attractive!

Sh1ttySh1ttybangbang Tue 26-Mar-19 17:45:12

I’m really not one for being in the ‘perfect parenting brigade’ and my parenting is far from perfect but my kids are 12 and 8 and are only ever allowed 1 diet soft drink if we’re eating out. Most of the time they refuse this though. My eldest drinks mostly water and youngest apple juice. I don’t buy fizzy drinks ever, water only for me too - all that gas upsets my stomach 👎🏽

DarcyDrive Tue 26-Mar-19 17:45:47

MN amuses me sometimes grin a glass of lemonade for a 15 year old = very very bad, but daily cups of coffee for a 6 year old = no big deal?? (According to some threads I've seen on here anyway!)

DoomOnTheBroom Tue 26-Mar-19 17:46:01

We always have squash in the house and fizzy drinks too, although the DC don't tend to bother with them at home so it's mainly DH and I who drink them.

DC mainly drink squash, water and milk. Two DC will happily drink plain water if that's what they fancy but the other two DC won't drink that at all so mainly have squash and milk. They like fizzy drinks when we're out though so if we go out to eat they'll have a Fanta or a Sprite or even (gasp!) a coke, the only one not really allowed yet is the 2yo but she's sneaky and will try to steal sips.

DC1 is 9yo and his school sells fizzy fruit drinks like cans of Suso and bottles of Calypso. Good luck policing what they drink when they've got charge of their own dinner money and a free choice over what to buy!

PlainVanilla Tue 26-Mar-19 17:47:13


pinkgloves Tue 26-Mar-19 17:47:16

Are you in the US? Iced tea here usually has a shit ton of caffeine and sugar in.

DoomOnTheBroom Tue 26-Mar-19 17:47:22

Suddenly realising how very tired I am today based on how many times I repeated the word "mainly" hmm

Singlenotsingle Tue 26-Mar-19 17:47:38

Coconut water is scrumptious, and dgs6 likes it.

Sweetbabycheezits Tue 26-Mar-19 17:49:01

That's the thing, mine are old enough to go out with friends, or nip to the shops on their own, they will indulge in the fizzy stuff. Fortunately, they don't tend to go completely mad, and tend to be thirsty for water after they've had the sweet stuff!

Fazackerley Tue 26-Mar-19 17:50:08

I occasionally buy Ribena or Apple juice. If they were playing sport and wanted a sports drink, I buy them. Coke when we went out or to the cinema

13 and not allowed squash shock

melissasummerfield Tue 26-Mar-19 18:07:50

All these teenagers drinking milk or water grin

nokidshere Tue 26-Mar-19 18:09:20

Mine have always had everything available to them. They went through phases growing up of wanting lots or none. Now the 20yr old drinks mostly squash, (he's never had a hot drink) and water when he's had alcohol. The 17yr old drinks Pepsi Max and coffee. And probably alcohol when he's out with his mates.

They are both serious cricketers though so from April to Sept it's pretty much water and healthy eating except for the after match beers. And only bottled water hmm

Oh and neither of them have ever had any work done on their teeth.

blackteasplease Tue 26-Mar-19 18:19:40

Don’t people buy soft drinks just because they taste nice? I mean yeah water quenches your thirst but it’s not exactly enjoyable is it. And I don’t mean sugar laden fizzy.

Water is enjoyable! It's miles nicer than fizzy drinks in my opinion. Which is an opinion but as valid as any.

What fizzy drinks aren't sugar laden except fizzy water (also bad for teeth those as carbonated).

We don't really have them in. Mine are 10 and 5 and mainly drink water. Little one likes milk and older one has a decaf tea sometimes.

butteryellow Tue 26-Mar-19 18:22:43

8 and 5. Water or milk day to day. 8 year old has no interest in anything else, 5 year old would drink my G&T given half a chance. 5 year old is allowed squash/fizzy if we have it, or if we're eating out, so perhaps once a week, more if we're knackered and eat out a lot, less if we're home all week.

BitchQueen90 Tue 26-Mar-19 18:31:47

DS age almost 6 has squash or Fruit Shoots when we go out to eat, once or twice a month. We only have water at home. I don't allow him to have fizzy.

Gruffin Tue 26-Mar-19 18:39:02

They’re 11, 13 and 14 and still only get it as an occasional treat when eating out.

Theunreasonableone Tue 26-Mar-19 18:44:35

Weak squash whenever they like. They’ve never had fizzy drinks and won’t be for a long time. They are 7 and 5

UnrelentingFruitScoffer Tue 26-Mar-19 18:51:25

No juice, no fizzy drinks, no exceptions.

These are poisons. The epidemic of child obesity and adult diabetes shows us exactly why we should avoid these.

Widowodiw Tue 26-Mar-19 18:51:57

Well after reading this I have no idea why a sugar tax was put on fizzy drinks. Seems unecesarry that seeing as no one lets their children drink it 😂😂

ElfridaEtAl Tue 26-Mar-19 18:55:13

What AlsoHuman said hmm

Do you people avoid the pop aisle at Morrisons like it's some sort of drug den?

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 26-Mar-19 18:57:14

This thread is pure fiction.

CarolDanvers Tue 26-Mar-19 18:58:33

My children have never drunk a glass of squash in their lives. They’ve tasted it and didn’t like it. I’ve already answered on here but I didn’t realise it meant squash too. I’m not a perfect parent by any means but I just couldn’t see the point in adding flavouring to water for small children. They always had water in their cups as babies so they never got used to having squash and now they’re older they just don’t like the taste - far too sweet my dd says.

CarolDanvers Tue 26-Mar-19 18:59:54

This thread is pure fiction.

Really not for my kids. I’m surprised by how many people are surprised that some people don’t drink squash and fizzy drinks regularly and don’t give it to their kids.

SimonJT Tue 26-Mar-19 19:01:55

My son is almost four, he only has water at home, I sometimes let him have watered down orange juice if we eat out.

Disfordarkchocolate Tue 26-Mar-19 19:02:09

Not fiction for me either. He preferred water so we stuck with it. When we're out he chose it for a long time too.

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