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To ask for your best 'brilliant creative parenting' stories?

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ladybee28 Tue 26-Mar-19 13:30:32

Some of my favourite MN threads are the celebratory ones – the one a few months ago about the nicest thing your DP did for you recently, for example... so I thought I'd ask:

What's the best piece of creative parenting you've ever encountered (your own or someone else's)? A smart, funny, or unusual way of supporting DC through something, or of teaching them an important lesson?

I'll never forget the day I had a big acting audition, aged 13. I was so nervous I was almost in tears in the car park outside the venue, so my mum, in a (rare) fit of parenting genius, made me move over to the driver's seat and made me do a 3-point turn to take my mind off it.

I was so pumped by having driven a car for the first time, I marched into the audition like a cross between Kate Winslet and WonderWoman grin

What moments stick most in your mind when you (or someone you know) totally nailed parenting in a bit-weird-but-very-effective way?

Bunnybaubles Tue 26-Mar-19 14:06:42

My DD (aged 10 at the time) marched into the living room and said "Mum, you need to write me a note for me to give the P.E teacher tomorrow".
I asked "Oh, what is the note for?".
She replied "Its so I don't have to do P.E tomorrow".
I asked "Why don't you want to do P.E?"
She replied "I just can't be bothered doing it, its boring".
I said "Okay, go get me a pend and paper".
(DD grins from ear to ear and rushes to get me a pen and bit of paper).
I say out loud as I write...

"Dear Mrs P.E. teacher, can you please excuse DD from P.E class tomorrow as she can't be bothered and thinks your lessons are boring. Regards, DD's Mum".

And I handed the note to my daughter.
I'm assuming DD chose not to give the note to her teacher as she told me all about what she did in P.E the next day grin

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