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To ask what you do for your MIL on Mothers Day?

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JellyBaby666 Tue 26-Mar-19 12:18:28

Just after a bit of advice!

My fiance is away with work, so won't be around this weekend and is out of communication (military) so with Mother's Day coming up and us living near his parents (who are lovely) I'm just wondering what the best thing to for my future MIL is, given he's away and I want to acknowledge her and the day somehow.

Do I get a Mum card from us both (when I don't and wouldn't call her Mum, I have a Mum!), do I get a MIL card (when we're not yet married) just from me?

I know it seems daft but I want to kind and respectful, I think last year he was around so we both sent individual cards to our own Mums.

(Yes I have anxiety and yes I am overthinking!)

Elizabeth2019 Fri 29-Mar-19 10:58:57


Did you end up sorting something nice? I am visiting my MIL on Sunday with the chocs and card as my own is working. Really hoping we get a proper phone call over an email!

JellyBaby666 Tue 02-Apr-19 09:39:11

@Elizabeth2019 I did! A gift from us (me, really) and some flowers smile She seemed to like them which was the important thing. I got myself all worked up on the card front so I just didn't bother!

Elizabeth2019 Tue 02-Apr-19 20:30:23

Ha mine actually got me flowers! She gently scolded me for not writing my name in DH card though as she knew I’d gotten them.

Sometimes it’s nice to be nice (I’d have felt awful turning up with nothing!) and I don’t usually bother with cards either 😂

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