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DannyWallace Tue 26-Mar-19 12:00:33

I know IABU posting this here, but I just feel a bit lost (and didn't get replies on another board).

You know there's so many pregnancy apps/books that tell you what to expect that week. Is there anything similar for when your baby is here? Just basic milestones.

As in-a baby of x many months might sleep approx x amount of hours.
First smile approx this time
First tooth approx this time

Also maybe info for mums too?

I know every person/baby is different. But I feel like there was so much info while I was pregnant, but now I have my amazing wee baby I have no idea what to expect. None of my friends have had babies recently and I'm the first in my antenatal class to deliver.


gokartdillydilly Tue 26-Mar-19 13:08:31

I'll tell you a really great book to get. Your Baby & Child by Penelope Leach. It's wonderful - I used it for my three and it's an absolute bible - is regularly updated too, so no outdated info on there. She has had children/grandchildren as well as being an expert, so her advice is invaluable. Other 'baby-taming/mum-shaming' books are available but I wouldn't recommend those... hmm

Floralhousecoat Tue 26-Mar-19 13:15:47

I always recommend The Science of Parenting by Margot Sunderland. It gave me confidence as a first time mum and taught me to tune into my baby. Her work is evidence based so I felt I could trust her. It made me feel good about myself as a mother so I could relax after months of feeling like a scared and confused.

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