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To think increased child care hours will mean the end of playgroups?

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seizethecuttlefish Tue 26-Mar-19 11:53:41

Just that really.
I think 30 hours of funded childcare is brilliant and will enable more people to go to work if they want/need to however having just discovered baby and toddler groups (and having them help me to feel less isolated) I'm not sure they will be viable with fewer children attending.
I'm in Scotland, so this isn't fully introduced till next year. Just wondered if anyone has seen the impact or has experience to share?

nannynick Wed 27-Mar-19 08:33:04

I hope that toddler groups will continue as it enables those with under 4's to get out of the house, meet others with similar aged children and for children to get to interact with others. In my area they are typically run by church. We have a children's centre outreach group which is anticipated to close in July but not due to 30 hours funding, it's due to reforms within children centre remit and funding.

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