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What the actual... did I just hear?

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Meladeso Tue 26-Mar-19 08:25:40

"Louise's" new single.

Give me strength.

What with her and Emma bunton, neither of whom had a jot of talent to begin with...

Why can't they just enjoy their former success and graciously recognise they're not actually serious recording artists.

We do not need new releases thank you.

Charley34 Tue 26-Mar-19 09:57:31

So agree with you
Emma buntons new video makes me cringe they need to stop!!

meladeso Tue 26-Mar-19 11:00:41

Oh god I haven't seen any videos yet, the horror! grin

theresafoxunderthedecking Tue 26-Mar-19 11:10:21

mela well thank you very much for that, i'm supposed to be getting ready to go out and now,thanks to you i've got to google this !!!! grin

Funnyface1 Tue 26-Mar-19 11:28:28

I couldn't find Louise's new song but watched the Emma Bunton one. I honestly think that can barely be classed as singing, she seemed to speak most of the way through it. And what was with all the hair grabbing? Nits?

Beerincomechampagnetastes Tue 26-Mar-19 11:30:44

I actually find Louise terribly embarrassing and desperate.
I’m not sure I can take the google...

Thesearmsofmine Tue 26-Mar-19 11:32:12

I guess it’s for money? I don’t think either are doing it because they love music.

Beerincomechampagnetastes Tue 26-Mar-19 11:40:53

I always got the impression that Louise takes her music and art’ grin very seriously....Like she thinks if she hadn’t married Jamie and had children she'd be the new Madonna. A bit like those all saints girls. Huge ego, little talent.

Sorry 😐 Louise

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Tue 26-Mar-19 11:42:35

Yay - another thread with women kicking women


Dramatical Tue 26-Mar-19 11:44:10

Yay - another thread with women kicking women

Or a balanced view that the 'music' is shite 🤷🏻‍♀️

Nanny0gg Tue 26-Mar-19 11:46:35

Can't women 'artists' be criticised? Even if they're talentless?

I always felt sorry for their backing singers. How galling to back someone who can't hit a note without autotune.

Flicketyflack Tue 26-Mar-19 11:46:46

Plenty of men make crap come backs!!

Not so many threads about them hmm

meladeso Tue 26-Mar-19 11:47:39

Nothing to do with gender
Everything to do with shitness
Same would go for a man trying to make come back. Of which there have been plenty.

Perch Tue 26-Mar-19 11:47:56

It’s very ‘try hard’
She looks amazing though

meladeso Tue 26-Mar-19 11:48:03

@Nanny0gg @Dramatical hear hear!

meladeso Tue 26-Mar-19 11:48:43

They do! And if I'd heard them this morning I'd have gladly posted about them.

jacksonmaine Tue 26-Mar-19 11:48:52

YABU and not BU I have always had a soft spot for Emma Bunton. grin I have always liked her 60s vibe and she was the only solo, Spice Girl whose music I thought was actually OK back then.

Not sure about Louise though.

meladeso Tue 26-Mar-19 11:49:55

They do! And if I'd heard them this morning I'd have gladly posted about them.

That was in response to @Flicketyflack sorry

Disfordarkchocolate Tue 26-Mar-19 11:50:09

Heard Louise's new song this morning, turned it off halfway through. It is utter tripe.

ambereeree Tue 26-Mar-19 11:50:26

Louise was an ok singer though. When Eternal split she had a couple of good singles.

LazyLizzy Tue 26-Mar-19 11:57:55

The Emma Bunton video is cringe.

What's with all the wide-eyed smiling and fake laughing?
Is it meant to look HILARIOUS working on set.

HennyPennyHorror Tue 26-Mar-19 11:58:18

Where's Louise's new song? I can't find it. I don't mind her actually. Sorry!

Yabbers Tue 26-Mar-19 12:01:42

Same would go for a man trying to make come back. Of which there have been plenty.
And yet where are all the threads about them?

GoldenHour Tue 26-Mar-19 12:02:23

Are they Emma B's kids? a video for a song entitled "baby please don't stop"......

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Tue 26-Mar-19 12:13:50

Emma B’s song and video are both cringe worthy, and I like a lot of music. But wtf? How does the song and video relate? It’s all kinds of wrong.

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