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20 years from now...

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Boredgiraffes Tue 26-Mar-19 00:38:38

What do you imagine to be the biggest technological or medical achievement? Or just for fun advancements?

x2boys Tue 26-Mar-19 00:46:21

Interesting question 20 years ago I would never have imagined the internet would be so huge !maybe they will discover the meaning of life?

Boredgiraffes Tue 26-Mar-19 00:50:00

What do you think they’ll find as the meaning of life?

Schlerp Tue 26-Mar-19 00:52:35

Honestly? I see us heading more towards life like the humans in WallE than having wonderful medical or tech advancements.

x2boys Tue 26-Mar-19 00:53:45

I have no idea !maybe why we are here why life formed on earth not other planets? I haven't a clue really? What about you What do you think will be discovered?

Boredgiraffes Tue 26-Mar-19 01:10:15

I’m thinking robot overlords smile. AI as terminator 😂

x2boys Tue 26-Mar-19 01:14:20


PillowTalker Tue 26-Mar-19 02:05:12

Feels like the pace of change and improvement has begun to tail off.

In 20 years it'll be much the same as now

brizzlemint Tue 26-Mar-19 03:27:07

Mumsnet will read our thoughts and post them for us. AIBU will be carnage.

Happynow001 Tue 26-Mar-19 03:56:20

I would REALLY love it if we could each have access to our own reliable portable transportation chambers at home. No more sole reliance on busses and trains. Imagine: no more announcements of "leaves on the rails", snow/ice on rails, overrunning engineering works, road closures or diversions ...

RangerLady Tue 26-Mar-19 04:00:34 not sure there will be? I think climate change will have caused.massive migrations of people around the world and huge social problems. Might all go a bit "the road "
But I hope not obviously. I hope new antibiotics will have been developed and I think there'll be big advances in immune therapy, that's been incredible over the last 15 years as I can personally attest.

TipseyTorvey Tue 26-Mar-19 04:36:24

I think very few people will own cars as autonomous cars will just appear via an app from underground car parks so streets will be less congested and traffic less busy. I think everyone that can will have an office pod in the garden for working from home. I worry that even with fewer cars on the road pollution will be so bad we'll all have some kind of air filtration units in our homes and wear masks when we go out like in China. I think the US will be a minor world force and we'll all be very Asia focused. Technology wise I think a lot of it will be implants. We'll have chips in our hands to pay for things and cash will be obsolete, we'll have chips behind our eyes sending and overlay screen like terminator showing us updates. Conversely though there might also be a tech backlash and lots more people living off grid in countryside communities. I think they will have found a cure for obesity which is basically banning high corn fructose crap and other weird manufacturered chemicals in food but also some kind of switch in the brain that regulates the desire to overeat..

I really need to go to sleep....

Happynow001 Tue 26-Mar-19 05:04:55

We'll have chips in our hands to pay for things and cash will be obsolete, Actually I think this is already happening in some companies. I don't think it would appeal to me - far too easy to track your personal movements either during work hours or when you are not working. How could you turn off the signal?

PregnantSea Tue 26-Mar-19 05:23:47

Mars littered with robots paving the way for people, and an ISS style team in orbit around the moon, working towards building a big ass moon telescope.

If you want silly ones for fun then something that reads my cat's mind. Why is it that sometimes when I stroke her she seems to really like it, but other times she moves away and sits somewhere else?

sobeyondthehills Tue 26-Mar-19 05:43:24

On a depressing note, I think they will have found out how to kill people in more and more different ways probably by robots

SciFiRules Tue 26-Mar-19 06:12:58

Data is a hugely decisive topic right now, I hope we will have learnt how to control access to protect privacy whilst allowing easy access for research in areas the benefit society such as medical, fire safety and transport.
Renewable energy sources is another area I'd like to think will advance, in particular new approaches and techniques.
For fun... personal flight/Dr moller sky car!

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