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To think this could be the end of brexit as mps take control of the process from the PM

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quittinaeete Mon 25-Mar-19 22:41:13

Theresa may now really cant go for a hard brexit, anyone else think it's brexit cancelled?

BMW6 Mon 25-Mar-19 22:48:36

If it is cancelled I will never vote again. Democracy dead.

LakieLady Mon 25-Mar-19 22:49:48

I bloody well hope so!

Apileofballyhoo Mon 25-Mar-19 22:50:31

Of course it's not cancelled. It's finding the best way forward, and not one that just suits the millionaires.

americandream Mon 25-Mar-19 22:53:01

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AntiHop Mon 25-Mar-19 22:53:19

The leave campaign broke the law, following which the referendum was on a knife edge @BMW6. So you didn't think democracy died then?

stillpinching Mon 25-Mar-19 22:54:31

I would feel like never voting again if it goes through based on TM bribing and cajoling to get her wretched deal through. Of course democracy isn't dead when parliament moves to take control from an ineffective minority government. They should have done it much sooner.

Let's hope it's the beginning of the end. I do hope so.

noblegiraffe Mon 25-Mar-19 22:54:49

Civil war? They couldn’t even organise a march down some A-roads. Pathetic posturing.

HostessTrolley Mon 25-Mar-19 22:55:34

Why are ‘the remainers’ talked about as if those that voted remain originally are a tiny minority renegade group? Wasn’t the referendum 48-52%?

PigOnStilts Mon 25-Mar-19 22:55:39

American dream you can drop the aggressive hyperbole luv, you're very much playing into stereotype with all that threatening nonsense.

Ribbonsonabox Mon 25-Mar-19 22:55:39

Maybe not... she could ignore this and keep trying? I'm not sure if that would be a good idea though when clearly no one supports her..
And then of course it depends on what gets a majority.. I'm hopeful for a second referendum being popular... but I'm not entirely sure that will be the most popular thing as I'm not certain labour MPs will back that? Maybe we could end up with a very soft Brexit though...

But I dont think no deal is completely off the table as it's not legally binding? May could just ignore them?

I'm glad the house of commons is trying to actually do something here rather than just watching may go round and round till we crash out with no deal.

Sarahlou63 Mon 25-Mar-19 22:55:45


Do you realise how unhinged you sound?

CaptainSquirrel Mon 25-Mar-19 22:56:07

You know what? You want democracy? This is democracy. The people you elected taking charge and making decisions.

I really think this must be the beginning of the end. Hopefully it will happen quickly. There's no time for another deal, we're not going to go out without a deal, so stopping it is the only option. Maybe they'll just stop it to start negotiating again, but I hope not.

Monty27 Mon 25-Mar-19 22:56:26

I will never trust a politician again in my life.
And who knows what the debacle has cost us tax payers in this country angry

stillpinching Mon 25-Mar-19 22:56:42

I think what americandream is trying to say, through the fog of rage, is that yes, it may be at risk now.

Wren77 Mon 25-Mar-19 22:56:43

er sorry but it's not remainers fault any of this happened so - carry on with your shit storm but don't direct it at the ordinary folk - it's the politicians who have royally messed up

Ewitsahooman Mon 25-Mar-19 22:57:35

Civil war 😂😂😂

They couldn't even organise going for a stroll around the country!

CaptainSquirrel Mon 25-Mar-19 22:57:57

Oh and May's days are numbered. She can almost count down in hours now. Extraordinary times.

Ribbonsonabox Mon 25-Mar-19 22:58:21

I think theres going to be more to worry about if we crash out with no deal to be honest with you... that's much more likely to involve some sort of civil unrest... from leavers and remainers alike!
Because that will actually have an impact on our standards of living...

PinkieTuscadero Mon 25-Mar-19 22:59:19

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

trytobenicedear Mon 25-Mar-19 22:59:59

There will be a civil war if it's cancelled. The Remainers thought they were 'all that' with their 'protest' last week, and their 5.5 million 'signatures' on that petition. They will know rage and anger if Brexit is cancelled.

You jest, yes? grin

Holidayshopping Mon 25-Mar-19 23:00:04

Interesting times ahead, I think!

kalinkafoxtrot45 Mon 25-Mar-19 23:00:17

Whole debacle should never have started. Let there be an end to it.

NoSuchThing Mon 25-Mar-19 23:00:35


Unfinishedkitchen Mon 25-Mar-19 23:01:00

On one side you have remainers peacefully signing petitions and marching. On the other side you have people like Americandream...

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