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Not wanting friend to move locally

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KateGrey Mon 25-Mar-19 19:55:34

More a what would you do! On behalf of my mum.

My mum has a friend who she used to live with when they were in their 20s (they’re now in their 70s). Friend currently lives over two hours away so contact is sporadic. Friend is single and very intense and has very strong views on immigration. Mum likes her friend but in small doses. Friend’s son lives about an hour from my parents. He’s busy and generally doesn’t see his mum a lot but is saying how moving to my parents town would mean he’d see her more. My mum is nervous as she worries that as friend has no husband or other friends locally she and my dad would be obligated to see a lot of her. I have two disabled children so my parents help me a lot. My mum doesn’t want to upset her friend and understands friend can move wherever she wants but she feels in a bit of a bind. Especially as son is pushing the move. How can my mum handle this?

Yorkshiremum17 Mon 25-Mar-19 19:58:57

She needs to make it clear that she had her own social life and won't drop everything to be the friends social life. The friend breeds to understand that she will need to make her own friends and life. If she's moving for her son she should move to where the son is, especially if she needs to stay making her own life again!

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