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Am I weird for doing this? (Infertility related)

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Rspu1384 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:19:40

Anyone that has been through infertility/ivf did you buy things before starting/while ttc.
Been ttc for years due to start ivf next year. I’ve never bought anything but today I saw a teddy just on the side in a shop and something inside just told me to buy it 🤷🏻‍♀️. I don’t know why I did it.
Am I mental?

Itwouldtakemuchmorethanthis Mon 25-Mar-19 18:20:49

No, you bought a toy for the child you hope you’ll have.

JacquesHammer Mon 25-Mar-19 18:23:35

Am I mental?

No. You’re going through an impossibly stressful time and bought something for the child you hope you’ll have.

Slightly different as I had secondary infertility, but it’s only now. 5 years after separating, and 10 years after starting trying for a second for 5 unsuccessful years that I feel strong enough to clear out the baby gear.


ReadingInReading Mon 25-Mar-19 18:23:56

Not mental at all. I bought a little outfit that I fell in love with over a year ago and sadly still don't have a baby to put into it. That hurts when I see it.

I had a friend who hoarded baby things for 5 years of infertility, that was painful to see especially towards years 4-5 when she started buying duplicates and had 2-3 baths, 2 chairs etc stuffed into a room with loads of baby clothes and toys. She had a baby in the end but it was pretty uncomfortable to go shopping with her.

Raspberrytruffle Mon 25-Mar-19 18:43:26

No of course not yanbu , it's helped me. flowers

Grumpbum123 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:46:25

When I was in the depths of ttc my friend took me shopping for a precious outfit, teddy and cardigan she kept it at her house and brought it to me 5 years later to use

Blondiecub0109 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:47:44

I bought a couple of items in sales etc - little girl things.

My rainbow ended up being a boy! He is the most fun and I can’t imagine having a girl now.

There is a difference between having a ‘hope chest’ and compulsive buying/hoarding.

Best wishes on your journey - it’s a marathon not a sprint!

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