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To have a second child

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DorothyToto Mon 25-Mar-19 17:42:31

I have one DS who is 18 months. I split up with his dad whilst pregnant but he and now his new partner are very involved in DS life having him 3x a week at present.

I never imagined having an only child and would love DS to have a sibling. I'm very content on my own and have a very supportive family who have helped with DS since day 1.

WIBU to have a sibling for DS using donor sperm? I cannot face the thought of involving another man in my life at any point in the near future so feel like this is my only option.

My main concerns are for the sibling and not current DS. DS dad has a very well paid job and quality of life and so far DS has been quite spoiled. His sibling would obviously not have this and I worry it would be hard with having 1 child getting 2x Christmas/bday presents and 2x holidays whilst the other only gets 1.

It feels like a very difficult decision to make. My heart is desperate for a second child and I know DS would be the best big brother but my head is very conflicted!

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