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Yikes! - to ask for call (in 2 hours!) to be in writing instead?

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StripeyChina Mon 25-Mar-19 13:54:21

I am disabled.
Last autumn I began a trainee job with a Uni component.
I have ongoing mobility difficulties. Job arranged an Occ Health report. It made 9 recommendations none of which were actioned by work or Uni. and I got cumulatively run down and exhausted and was signed off 8 weeks ago. work tell me they 'cannot' action any of the recommendations so I can't return to work to become ill again (also the sole parent of 2 disabled kids). It's been a nightmare.
I raised a formal grievance. I asked at a meeting a month ago whether I could defer my Uni place or carry on. I've had no reply.
Today I get a casual email from my Tutor (also the course director) asking me to 'haven't seen you much since Christmas, please explain my health issues and provide evidence'. I have already provided my GP sicknotes which now also include Stress.

My Tutor has made two very inaccurate records of our meetings so far. Do you think it's ok to reply that I'd rather any discussions were by email so I have a record? (work are audio recording any meetings)

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