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To not like Metro Tiles?

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queenqueenqueen Mon 25-Mar-19 08:41:31

They seem to be everywhere 🙈

Looking for wall tiles for my new bathroom. We live in a very old house at the moment and have wooden panelling which I like but as our new house is (renovation project 😲) a 1950s house I just don't think they'll look quite right. I also want a change and think tiles will be easier to clean 🙈

All I can seem to find is Metro tiles which I don't like, not sure if that's because they are a bit overdone or I just don't like them?

Does anyone have any other bathroom tile ideas please 🙏 Pinterest is failing me xx

EnglishRose13 Mon 25-Mar-19 09:11:00

I'm going to follow this one, as I love interior design but I'm struggling with an idea for a new bathroom.

I'm worried the current trends won't age well. My friend just got patterned tiles in her bathroom. It looks lovely now, but will they in five years?

MariaNovella Mon 25-Mar-19 09:13:55

totallywired Mon 25-Mar-19 09:25:10

I don't understand how you can only find metro tiles, there is endless variety out there.

UbbesPonytail Mon 25-Mar-19 09:37:11

Are you looking for tiles the size and shape of metro tiles? Is it the bevelled edge? Because you only need to go into B&Q or a tile shop to see just how many tiles there are to choose from.

You need to decide what you want the bathroom to look like (Pinterest maybe?) and go from there.

queenqueenqueen Mon 25-Mar-19 09:40:14

@totallywired, Id quite like a patterned floor tile but ones to go with them mostly seem to be metro tiles

queenqueenqueen Mon 25-Mar-19 09:42:14

@englishrose13 what floor did she have?

DontCallMeCharlotte Mon 25-Mar-19 09:43:35

We have these - floor to ceiling - looks amazing, easy to keep clean and gets a lot of compliments. Four years on I'm still delighted with it.

Disfordarkchocolate Mon 25-Mar-19 09:44:17

I have them and like them but if I was picking the tiles would be colourful and patterned. I've decided in this house I'm having what I like and not bothering about if I'll like it in the future or if it's fashionable. The house may end up looking a bit different to most peoples taste but it will feel like home.

FrancisCrawford Mon 25-Mar-19 09:45:24

I’m with you in disliking Metro tiles!

DontCallMeCharlotte Mon 25-Mar-19 09:45:43

They also do textured ones in the same range which might liven things up a bit.

NoIsACompleteAnswerSometimes Mon 25-Mar-19 09:45:49

Metro tiles are called toilet tiles in this house. They'll be the avocado bathrooms of the future

longwayoff Mon 25-Mar-19 09:46:20

Dont have metro tiles, grannies will say they make your kitchen/bathroom look like a public lavatory.

minipie Mon 25-Mar-19 09:52:11

Do you want period style sanitaryware or modern style? Metro tiles look good with period style but for a modern bathroom there is (IMO) a much wider range that works.

I’m redoing two bathrooms at the moment, both modern style. One will have grey cement look tiles on the floor and large marble look tiles on the wall, the other will have large terrazzo style tiles on the floor and matt off white wall tiles in long thin rectangles. I previously did a bathroom with tiles on the floor that looked a bit like whitewashed planks, then white tiles on the wall. I’ve also done one in mock limestone travertine tiles in the past. Just in case that gives you some ideas?

If you want a plain tile to go with a patterned floor but not metro, look for other proportions. Metro tiles are about 10cm x 20cm I think but you can get plain tiles in 20cm square, 10 x 30cm, 30x30cm, 30x60cm etc. And then there are lots of choices in how you lay them - stacked vertically, stacked horizontally, offset, herringbone...

minipie Mon 25-Mar-19 09:54:07

Those Attingham tiles are lovely.

MissMooMoo Mon 25-Mar-19 09:55:37

I also really dislike metro tiles!
Following as We need to redo our bathroom

QuitMoaning Mon 25-Mar-19 09:57:01

I actually like metro tiles but when I had my kitchen redone a year ago I was discussing them and my friend (the one with impeccable style and taste, we all have one) said they reminded her of public lavatories so I didn’t get them. Funny how one phrase sticks with you.

I also like the attingham tiles mentioned above.

queenqueenqueen Mon 25-Mar-19 09:57:22

@minipie I have looked at herringbone style but I still think it's not quite me 🤔

Alsohuman Mon 25-Mar-19 10:01:55

I love metro tiles, they remind me of the old original tube stations. Whatever tiles you use are going to look dated in five or ten years time. All those grey kitchens that are being installed now will be sneered at in a few years.

EnglishRose13 Mon 25-Mar-19 10:17:41

I'm pretty sure she has these.

queenqueenqueen Mon 25-Mar-19 10:24:29

Ooh I quite like those @englishrose13 x

EnglishRose13 Mon 25-Mar-19 10:29:38

I absolutely love them. Her bathroom is amazing.

But, I'm not sure I'd still like them in years to come, and I couldn't afford to redo them. That's the issue I'm having. I want something super stylish that will last years. I don't know what that is though!

Backseatonthebus Mon 25-Mar-19 10:31:27

Metro tiles remind me of tatty 1970s public toilets (and no I'm not a 'granny' longwayoff ). Have a look on Fired Earth's website, they have lovely tiles which might give you ideas.

ReadingInReading Mon 25-Mar-19 10:37:16

Ooh this is lovely.

I once watched a YouTube video of 3 Australian women doing up a bathroom and they used pink and peach I think, I thought it would be awful but the overall effect when finished was striking and lovely.

longwayoff Mon 25-Mar-19 10:45:41

Backseat, I thought everyone on here would be too young to know what a public loo looked like as they've nearly all been closed or 're-purposed'. One near me is now a popular Italian restaurant. No, can't bring myself to go in smile

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