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I was assaulted by a friend I trusted but fear reporting him as he is an ex-convict

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RubyLily Mon 25-Mar-19 02:02:37

I was sexually assaulted three weeks ago by a trusted friend while I was staying over at his place due to an emergency. Thinking about it now this perpetrator was very insistent in helping me and regrettably I thought he was being a great friend and my knight in shining armour during my time of need even though he really had dark intentions and thought he would get lucky and we would be intimate. However what is strange is that he never asked me for a kiss or anything else but he has confessed we did "get together at his" even though I would never give him permission or let him be romantic with me. However I don't remember anything other then feeling strange when I woke up in his guest bedroom and the duvet I had on me was removed. This disgusting person admitted he gave me a calming drink, in other words he drugged me after he made me tea, when I demanded he tell me why he touched me. I was in shock and cut contact with him even though I never remembered what happened but tonight I started remembering like flashbacks of him being pervy, inappropriate and putting his filthy hands on me, even though I told him to stop and said no twice while frighteningly I couldn't move as I felt paralyzed. I am so distressed, been having panic attackd and feel sick as I have been violated. I have told him to stay away from me or I will report him to the police. This set him off as he hates the police. This creep who has been knocking on my door all day to try and talk to me has continued to harass me via emails, text messages and phone calls which I have refused to answer or reply to. I have changed my number now and deleted my email but I feel he will get more desperate and worse as he has threatened me, telling me that he doesn't fear the po-po as he has been in prison and that he has a 15 year restraining order against him that will last until his victim dies. This stalker who has been constantly driving around my area and sitting in his car outside my flat and asking my neighbours if they have seen me, even offering them his number to call him if they see me leaving my flat, has worryingly a CBO which entails he cannot go to a certain town as he has stalked another woman in that area. I'm so worried I have to move now. I believe this guy is very dangerous as he is an ex prisoner who doesn't even fear going back to prison and is well known to the police and the courts as he says he has a list of judges he hates too and he would like to visit them. I never knew this about him and it's only now his mask has fallen as I have known him for four months now and never saw this side of him. Please help.

Finfintytint Mon 25-Mar-19 02:06:44

Call the police. You are still in danger.

snitzelvoncrumb Mon 25-Mar-19 02:10:03

You really need to call the police.

nocoolnamesleft Mon 25-Mar-19 02:11:36

I am so sorry, but with his ongoing campaign of intimidation, I think you have to call the police for your own safety.

curlykaren Mon 25-Mar-19 02:15:37

I really think your only way forward is the police. Even if you don't feel you can share the assault info with them (but if you feel strong enough, you definitely should) everything else is clear harassment/stalking. Sounds dreadful, stay safe x

Lovingbenidorm Mon 25-Mar-19 02:16:59

You say he was a ‘trusted friend’having known him for 4 months
You give a very detailed account of the assault, his character and the following events, so you are clearly able to explain to the authorities.
I’m so very sorry that this has happened to you and strongly suggest that you report him immediately.
It’s a shame you didn’t do so straight away.
He has form, he has a restraining order against him
He is not just stalking you now, he is holding you a virtual hostage.
You should not move to get away from this man

RubyLily Mon 25-Mar-19 02:41:01

Thank you everyone I have reported him to the police now. I do feel like a hostage and enough is enough. I trusted him as we have a mutual friend I have known for over a year, this friend is distancing herself from him too as she has heard unnerving things about him as well.

Smotheroffive Mon 25-Mar-19 02:50:08

What are they doing OP? This is very worrying and what a horrible awful experience for you. So sorry!flowers

He needs to go straight back inside, and if hes stalking and raping he will. He should never have been let out

EmeraldShamrock Mon 25-Mar-19 03:54:55

OP I hope you are ok? Is there anyone you can stay with for awhile.
I am glad you reported him.

RubyLily Mon 25-Mar-19 04:53:09

Thank you for the concern guys. I'm going to get therapy and I hope he gets convicted for what he has done to me because he is too dangerous to be out here victimising another woman. I live with my son, it was just on that day I couldn't get home and needed a place to stay before I got my son from my ex-partner whose turn it was to have our son.

Noeuf Mon 25-Mar-19 07:43:38

What did the police say? Are you in the UK because it's 2am when you reported? Hopefully they are sending someone out?

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