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To ask for help with TV? Want to make a TV smart with a stick..

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MessyMummy15 Sun 24-Mar-19 22:50:02

I've heard about sticks that you turn your Normal telly into a smart telly so you can watch Netflix etc
I want to get this for my mum for Mother's Day but I'm not sure which to buy and how they work?
Can someone give me some insider knowledge. It needs to be relatively easy to set up and use as she's not great with technology...

marchingonwards1234 Sun 24-Mar-19 22:53:33

Check her TV has HDMI port. That's where the smart stick will plug in.

You can get a Now TV one or an Amazon one or a Google Chromecast one. They are all quite similar I think. I have the Amazon Firestick and it was simple to set up.

Butterchunks Sun 24-Mar-19 23:28:25

Yup, as pp said check for HDMI port. Ive had a Google Chromecast in the past but recently swapped it for Amazon firestick which I like better. Using the Amazon one you can watch Netflix, Amazon prime (both of which require a subscription) iPlayer, all4, YouTube, itv player, and lots of other things.

You get a little remote control which can be used to change volume and turn TV off as well as voice control if you find it too fiddly to search by typing in names. The firestick controller is pretty small though and does get lost easily but that's the only bad thing I've found so far.

You might need to help her get things set up, you need to enter lots of usernames and passwords for the various services (is Netflix, iPlayer etc) to get started but it should save all those.

Islands81 Sun 24-Mar-19 23:47:26

The fire stick is great. It’s Alexa enabled so you can ask Alexa to put a certain programme or song on (you need prime subscription for the music though). You can also ask her any questions, e.g what’s the weather like today, what is the gestation period of an otter (or any other random question). You don’t need any other Alexa technology in the house for this to work.

TapasForTwo Sun 24-Mar-19 23:52:58

We have a Firestick. It is brilliant. Just make sure the TV has the correct connection for it.

MessyMummy15 Mon 25-Mar-19 00:10:58

Looks like firestick for the win then.
She wont like the Alexa bit as it freaks her out but it's good it comes with a remote

marchingonwards1234 Mon 25-Mar-19 00:31:24

I have an old fashioned Firestick so can't be sure but I'd imagine there's a way of turning off the Alexa function, so don't worry.

aLilNonnyMouse Mon 25-Mar-19 04:42:37

The Alexa part is completely optional. It's an extra button you hold down while you speak. Don't press the button and it will never activate.

Firesticks are probably the most simple to use, Now TV is a bit of a rip-off and chromecast is a bit more involved to set up and use.

femalepresentingnipples Mon 25-Mar-19 05:53:51

We have a youview box that works like a freeview box to watch the standard tv channels but also has various apps including amazon prime tv and Netflix. The remote control is just a standard tv remote control and it’s very easy to use. Ours came with a BT tv and broadband subscription but I think you can get them separately.

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