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In feeling uncomfortable about this Zara kids ad

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ASauvignonADay Sun 24-Mar-19 21:49:15

Personally, I don't like it. I think the poses and whole thing is inappropriate for a young girl.

BabyDarlingDollfaceHoney Tue 26-Mar-19 13:22:28

I really don't think the dress has been pulled up in the third image... It's just a very short dress. Is it the length of the dress that people have a problem with? Surely children can show their legs?

I have literally no idea what you mean about the first two pics emphasising her pubic region. They just don't.

If the shots were similarly moody and ethereal but featured a boy in shorts would there be a similar outrage? To be honest I think it's you lot sexualising this girl not the photographer.

MeAgainAgain Tue 26-Mar-19 22:34:39

Yes I think that 3rd image if a boy would freak people out even more as men / boys are not sexualised to the same extent in the media and it would be incredibly and obviously jarring.

WellThisIsShit Wed 27-Mar-19 18:13:14

Great, good news they’ve been taken down.

And no, I don’t think accusing those protecting children is very mature or productive... or correct. Bearing in mind what’s happening on YouTube at this very moment, I don’t think it’s so shocking that parents would want to be careful not to put children in positions that could appeal directly to those who see children in very sick ways. It’s about being sensible and protecting children, I don’t see where the argument lies really.

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