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AIBU to think I'm going crazy.

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Stinkycatbreath Sun 24-Mar-19 20:34:31

I had the oddest experience the other day. I went on a visit to ser a child as I work in a support
team. Lovely family and mum I know well and really like. When I was leaving we were stood outside the house and she said she wanted to move house she has had a psychic in coz she has heard noises upstairs. She said she gets a bit spooked but psychic said there is a spirit of a man and a woman who really dont like the extension on the property she said she needs a fresh new house with no spirits. It was the oddest feeling normally I get warm kind vibe off her but she had a kind of energy shift that made me want to run away obviously that would have been odd. I felt like she could see right through me looking at her face although it looked like her had changed and she stared at me as she was talking. I had to pass the house to leave the road after turning round. She was stood in the exact same spot smiling when I got back but not waving she normally doesn't see me to the door. Shit me up good and proper. I never thought I'd say it but I think the woman was trying to get to me through her. It felt so hostile although she didn't do anything. Sending shivers up my spine and I have to go back Tuesday. So hard to explain I feel really uneasy. I dont great believe in spooks and all that kind of stuff. I cant go back with any body as there is no real reason for me to request this. My employer would think I was crazy to say "I'm really sorry I cant go back to that house I believe its haunted." I am not easily convinced by these things and have about as much psychic ability as a breeze block but I know how I felt. Anyone any ideas?

Ledkr Sun 24-Mar-19 20:41:51

That's does sound weird. Is it possible she suffers from some type of mania or psychosis? Maybe that's what's making her think these things and acting the way she did.

Stinkycatbreath Sun 24-Mar-19 20:45:41

That is possible but it was a very funny feeling like nothing I had before. Just very spooked. I have bee supporting this child for 7 years and have never seen this side of her. I am sceptical about all things paranormal and think things can easily be explained rationally but I cant shake that feeling. I dont even mind if people dont believe me but dm open to suggestions to help me calm my nerves.

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