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To think that an MP who slapped their partner shouldn't be considered for leader?

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poshme Sun 24-Mar-19 17:07:03

An MP currently being considered for leadership of their party has admitted that 6 years ago they were arrested by police after public violent incident with their partner.

Surely rather than being praised for 'bravely speaking out' they should be ruled out of the running for leader?

Jarstastic Sun 24-Mar-19 17:52:52

This thread seems to be about Layla Moran and her ex boyfriend called Richard, and the quote above relates to Sarah Champion and her ex husband Graham.

poshme Sun 24-Mar-19 17:57:28

The pic I posted was about Layla Moran

Babyornotbaby Sun 24-Mar-19 18:23:32

I don’t see a picture op

Pumperthepumper Sun 24-Mar-19 18:29:15

Poshme do you believe that women are as violent as men? Do you believe that female violence is as big a problem as male violence? Are you going to reply to this message with ‘all violence is bad’?

HappyPunky Sun 24-Mar-19 19:05:51

In general, women put up with it for ages and aren't believed when they go to the police.
If they retaliate, men are believed when they go to the police.

AnneOfCleanTables Sun 24-Mar-19 19:10:51

Why be cryptic in the OP, if you weren't planning a 'gotcha reveal' of it's a woman? You didn't even mention the party. You've provided no details of said incident and I can't see any attachment on any of your posts.

poshme Sun 24-Mar-19 19:17:07

My post at 520 had a picture of her tweet about the incident. Sorry I didn't realise people couldn't read it.

I know men are more violent.

I just think that losing your temper in a public place at a conference, enough for police to be called, means that perhaps the person should not be leading a political party.

Babyornotbaby Sun 24-Mar-19 19:18:25

No picture showing here op.

wowfudge Sun 24-Mar-19 19:19:45

The picture is visible in the app, but I can't enlarge it on my phone in order to read it. The OP named the MP fairly swiftly so I don't understand the indignation of some pps.

Chouetted Sun 24-Mar-19 19:40:17

If it was a single incident, I really couldn't care less.

We all eventually find out what we're capable of. It's spending the rest of our lives avoiding reaching that snapping point again that makes us decent human beings.

redexpat Sun 24-Mar-19 20:04:19

It's the lib dems, I really couldnt care less.

RedDogsBeg Sun 24-Mar-19 20:11:57

Isn't Layla Moran the one who can see into peoples souls and determine whether or not they are dangerous?

If it is her then that level of pseudo mumble jumble should bar her from ever holding any public office.

BobBobBobbingAlong Mon 25-Mar-19 18:37:41

BBC reporting it today

I don't think it's clear at all from Layla Moran's statement that her ex-boyfriend was abusive.

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