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To want to leave my job?

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Wellmeetontheledge Sun 24-Mar-19 16:45:20

I’m mid twenties with no children. I’m in a secure job which pays well and has good holidays. It’s also a very full on and stressful job with very long hours. Mentally I find this hard to cope with and am currently miserable. I want to change jobs, however this will involve taking a substantial pay cut and having less holiday. Am I stupid to want to leave?

Finfintytint Sun 24-Mar-19 16:52:01

If it is affecting you mentally and you can afford to earn less then why not?
Can you change any of the stresses?

Wellmeetontheledge Sun 24-Mar-19 17:04:34

I’ve tried but there is limited scope to change anything concrete. I would need to completely change the way I view things instead which I am trying but it’s not being very successful.

Finfintytint Sun 24-Mar-19 17:14:05

I left a very stressful job after 20 years but I had a back up plan to allow a lesser income. I had savings and could cash buy a smaller house and severely reduced my outgoings. I’m so much happier. Play the long game. You may have to put up with shite for a few years to allow you to escape comfortably later on.

Sapphire387 Sun 24-Mar-19 17:24:47

YANBU. If you can afford to do it then life is too short not to be happy.

SalemShadow Sun 24-Mar-19 20:33:38

Leave your job it's not worth it.

Pinotjo Sun 24-Mar-19 20:37:47

Leave, I hate my job and dearly wished I'd left 10+ yrs ago, trapped now by my age and predicted pension, you're young, you'll survive, good luck

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