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To stay off from work if...

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Moomooboo Sun 24-Mar-19 16:35:20

My child has hand foot and mouth and impetigo.

My partner and I don’t have it... yet. My partner will be at home with him anyway, but I don’t want to spread anything to colleagues...

Moomooboo Sun 24-Mar-19 17:50:52

Okay excellent thanks! I’ll go to work.

Last year an email was sent round for one of the managers who as a precaution was sent home because he was in this position. I liked that idea but clearly that’s unreasonable!

Mammyloveswine Sun 24-Mar-19 18:32:16


I had a day off sick last week... had a horrendous virus and my head teacher insisted I take the next day off after seeing me struggle through that day. I still felt guilty as my team was short staffed that day. The virus however has spread like wildfire through my school and we've had lots if staff off so I do think I was wrong to try and "power through" (although I wasn't the only one!)

However, " just in case" is not at all a reason to stay off especially as you have childcare sorted too! obviously if do become unwell then stay off but please don't take the piss. This is why every one struggles in when they really aren't Well, due to people staying off when they dont need to.

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