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Isn't sugar safer than this?

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Frickssake Sun 24-Mar-19 15:08:03

nometal Sun 24-Mar-19 15:12:32

There's nothing wrong with sugar at all... as long as you don't consume too much of it.

Frickssake Sun 24-Mar-19 15:15:02

I know but it's seems lots of food and drink has this in and the 'full sugar' items are more expensive / scarcer

Frickssake Sun 24-Mar-19 15:16:06

And it seems to be marketed as a healthier option.....

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Sun 24-Mar-19 15:17:05

Refined sugar is addictive. You don't need it, or artificial sweeteners. We get all the sugar we need from fruit and veg.

bruffin Sun 24-Mar-19 15:24:38

I agree, but dont use Mercola for your arguements, it is a marketing website not known for accurate articles

Frickssake Sun 24-Mar-19 15:26:40

@thanks Bruffin

bruffin Sun 24-Mar-19 15:26:41

Refined sugar is addictive
Not it isnt, that is a myth based on misunderstanding of the actual research and used to sell scaremongering books. The scientist who did the research does not agree with how his research has been used.

ThanksForAllTheFish Mon 25-Mar-19 18:25:49

Sugar is not as bad as it is made out. Sugar is way, way more expensive than artificial sweeteners so big food manufacturers companies are keen to get us on board with sugar = bad, sweeteners = good.

I cut out all artificial sweeteners 2 years ago and have never felt better. So many little health ‘niggles’ have gone away (feeling cold all the time, spotty back, waking up with headaches 3/4 days a week, brain fog etc). I would never have guessed at the time these things were related to the artificial sweeteners - I initially cut them out in a desperate attempt to cure my back acne that I had been battling for 10 years, I had tried every I could think of by that point, including a 6 months course of antibiotics from the Dr. I read one day that sweeteners (aspartame in particular) could be a possible cause I decided to give it a go. I was willing to try anything by that point. And what do you know, it worked (my back is about 98% spot free now at any given time).

You do have to check food packaging as they are in almost everything these days - every jar sauce, almost every soft drink, tinned baked beans, condiments, ready meals etc.

I do have sugar but I have found I crave sweet food / drinks less since ditching the artificial sweeteners. It was a slow process but over time my tolerance declined and after about a year I was finding a lot of foods and drinks too sweet. I now take no sugar in tea or coffee (previously had 2 teaspoons per cup or 1 sweetex). I only add a small amount (a pinch) into my home made sauces, I no longer like white bread as it tastes too sweet, I reach for digestives over chocolate biscuits now.

Troels Mon 25-Mar-19 18:55:04

I haven't used artificial sweeteners in years. No need for them, vile things with horrible after taste.
We use real sugar in moderation, or some honey, or fruit.

SecretNutellaFix Mon 25-Mar-19 19:25:03

Artificial sweeteners give me the most revolting digestive issues- I discovered quite by accident about two year ago that I felt better in myself and was less bloated when I stopped drinking No added sugar squash. I also discovered that for some reason my body doesn't like steviol glycosides either- makes me feel sick and tastes too sweet.
I have also found that I'm less thirsty and hungry when I drink a full sugar soft drink versus a NAS one.
It does however mean that there has been an occasion when out with my husband that meant that all I could buy to drink was a bottle of water as all of the soft drinks at the venue were Coke Zero or Fanta or Sprite, all of which contain artificial sweeteners. I had had a bottle of classic coca cola removed at the door as the venue did not permit outside drinks to brought in.

puppy23 Mon 25-Mar-19 21:11:58

I drink diet coke and some people tell me that real sugar would be better for me than aspartame et al but honestly? Both have their pros & cons, choose which devil you prefer.

PregnantSea Tue 26-Mar-19 12:00:51

About to go out so I don't have time to trawl the net looking for it but I read a study that's up on Google scholar where they measured the effect of diet coke consumption v regular sugar coke consumption on a group of people and found that although the diet coke group consumed less calories they still experienced an expanding waistline at almost the same rate as the full sugar coke group. They had a few theories as to why but couldn't say anything conclusive. I believe they are still researching the link between aspartame and body fat

wowfudge Tue 26-Mar-19 12:16:30

I think I've read in one of Michael Mosley's books that artificial sweeteners trigger the same responses as sugar in the body therefore there isn't much health benefit.

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