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AIBU to use the natural cycles app?

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WannabeMathematician Sun 24-Mar-19 07:35:01

Has anyone used the natural cycles app? How was it? Was it hard to stick to?

My husband and I aren't yet ready to ttc but I don't like every other type of birth control I've tried. Hormones make me depressed and incredibly anxious. I've had both types of coil and the they didn't settle well and I had cramps so bad from them I threw up. So we're onto to the suped up rhythm method that is the natural cycles app + condoms. I just wanted to hear about other people's experiences.

And before anyone asks my husband feels terrible that there isn't a pill he could take. He been wonderfully supportive through out but unfortunately most actual acts of contraception fall on me.

Girlsnightin Sun 24-Mar-19 07:39:29

I've used clue for over 3 years now. I find it very easy. Works for me, and like you I wanted to avoid the hormones.

soulrider Sun 24-Mar-19 07:44:21

How comfortable are you with getting pregnant?

WannabeMathematician Sun 24-Mar-19 07:47:33

Getting pregnant wouldn't be the end of the world. We've been married for 2 years, we were together for 5 before that, own a house together and both have stable jobs though i haven't been in my job for a full year yet. We wanted for me to hit the full year mark before ttc so I had a decent amount of experience.

Iggly Sun 24-Mar-19 07:49:31

My friend got pregnant while using one. Don’t have too much faith in it and pay attention to your body - much as you would if you were trying to get pregnant

ThereWillBeAdequateFood Sun 24-Mar-19 07:54:21

I don’t see the point of natural cycles. I most feel like and enjoy sex when I’m fertile so I miss out on the best sex with natural cycles.

Have you tried a diaphragm? Pretty easy to use, hormone free. Worked for me. It’s not as reliable as some methods for preventing pregnancy but it worked well for me.

WannabeMathematician Sun 24-Mar-19 08:02:38

I wasn't planning to abstain during my fertile time just use condoms. Like you ThereWillBeAdequateFood I get quite excitable during that time. I was unsure about the diaphragm as my cervix is very very sensitive - I couldn't get the moon cup to work as sometimes it would slide up and give me a great deal of pain. Having said that there isn't any reason I could give it a try. Nice thing about barrier protection is that I can try both that and the app at the same time.

soulrider Sun 24-Mar-19 08:06:09

If you're prepared to trust condoms during the most fertile period then why not just use condoms?

Freddiesfling Sun 24-Mar-19 08:07:33

I got pregnant twice when using it.....

WannabeMathematician Sun 24-Mar-19 08:15:25

@soulrider Because I prefer to have sex without them.

I know that this is all anecdotal evidence but I am starting to doing it their claim of 93% effectiveness...

soulrider Sun 24-Mar-19 08:19:29

You might want to read this
felt colossally naive’: the backlash against the birth control app ink{\]]p}

soulrider Sun 24-Mar-19 08:20:03

I'll try that again

WannabeMathematician Sun 24-Mar-19 08:24:52

Thanks for that soulrider.

sigh I guess it's back to the drawing board. I'm going to save my rant about the patriarchy and birth control for another time but I am going to talk to DH about other options.

ThereWillBeAdequateFood Sun 24-Mar-19 08:53:36

It does suck that there are so few options for men regarding contraception.

Women naturally aren’t fertile at many points in their life; pregnancy and when they aren’t ovulating or about to ovulate. Whereas men are constantly fertile (always producing sperm).

So it easier to prevent ovulation in a woman than it is to prevent sperm production in a man. Still sucks though.

Lost5stone Sun 24-Mar-19 09:05:41

I used Glow which is like natural cycles successfully for 2 years after having DD and am now 6 weeks pregnant with planned baby. But I run like clockwork and know my body really well. I wouldn't ever do it unless being pregnant wouldn't be an issue if it failed.

I tracked BBT, CM and CP. It's not the most pleasant and it is a faff.

jaseyraex Sun 24-Mar-19 09:32:53

I used Clue for about a year and continued using it when TTC. It worked well for me but my body runs like clockwork and we knew we'd TTC at the end of that year so it wasn't a huge deal if I did get pregnant. I didn't get pregnant when we were trying to avoid it and then I got pregnant first try when we actively tried. Maybe coincidental but I feel like it worked for me.

BuffaloCauliflower Sun 24-Mar-19 09:36:24

I’ve been using natural cycles for a year and I’m very happy. 93% effective is fine for us.

BuffaloCauliflower Sun 24-Mar-19 09:37:07

Natural Cycles is the only medically approved BBT app, none of of the others are scientifically tested so not comparable

willyougobacktobed Sun 24-Mar-19 10:03:26

I use a combo of natural cycles and clue which has worked for me; it's helped me get to know my body and cycles really well, I think this is only a good thing.

Home77 Sun 24-Mar-19 11:55:11

This Dot app was in the news recently might be an option?

BuffaloCauliflower Sun 24-Mar-19 13:15:20

@Home77 Natural Cycles is the same science as Dot but has been FDA and CE mark approved

WisdomOfCrowds Sun 24-Mar-19 13:59:42

Women naturally aren’t fertile at many points in their life; pregnancy and when they aren’t ovulating or about to ovulate. Whereas men are constantly fertile (always producing sperm).

Looking at this another way, women are in a fertile phase less often than not so the fact we have to take hormonal bc constantly when 75% of the time we don't even need it is ridiculous. But men, who do actually need to use contraception 100% of the time have no options apart from condoms. Seriously OP, I 100% get not wanting to use hormonal bc because of the side effects, but if your only reason regarding condoms is preference I'd just use condoms. What are your reasons for not liking them? I always thought I didn't like condoms but when I actually stopped to think about it I realised they made basically no difference to my sexual experience and I just felt negatively towards them from so many years of hearing men complain about them...

WisdomOfCrowds Sun 24-Mar-19 14:04:19

This article makes my point more eloquently (it's about abortion but the central point is still relevant I think)

namechanger2019 Sun 24-Mar-19 14:13:27

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant after using this. It shifted my ovulation and made what was green days in the past red days. I had already had unprotected sex on these days. Not a massive drama, just have too many kids already blush. We are making the best of it. I would not use if not in a stable relationship.

WannabeMathematician Sun 24-Mar-19 14:18:50

So for the time being the discison is use condoms until then app has more data on me then reassess. My body is like clock work for my period so that helps. I've used clue for a year now so I know this.

Husband has promised to have the snip after we have kids (which we both want but not for another 6 months to a year).

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