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To just face the consequences of non school attendance because this is more important

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Mumshotel Sat 23-Mar-19 19:28:35

Ive just had a few wines. Split with abusive husband at Christmas and i just thought fuck it we need a break. Got some insurance money after a horrible car crash. So i bought a new oven, fridge and booked a week in gran canaria and boarding for animals in june. Its not school holidays. I think i might get fined. Aibu to not fucking care anymore???

curlykaren Sat 23-Mar-19 19:30:04

No, YANBU. Enjoy x

ShabbyAbby Sat 23-Mar-19 19:30:25

If you can afford the fine then 🤷🏻‍♀️

I would. But I'm a little bit of a non conformist and think life is short and holidays are important. Plus, mental health trumps bloody phonics!

aibutohavethisusername Sat 23-Mar-19 19:32:09

How old are dc?

Mumshotel Sat 23-Mar-19 19:32:59

Is it 75 quid??

Mumshotel Sat 23-Mar-19 19:33:26

4, in nursery and 7 in school

TeacupDrama Sat 23-Mar-19 19:34:14

unless your DC are 16 and taking exams or it is SATS week go for it not all LA's fine as much as others , don't tell school until week before it won't be approved but it gives them less time to moan about it

Theimpossiblegirl Sat 23-Mar-19 19:34:32

Have a lovely time, it sounds like you all really deserve it.

Mumshotel Sat 23-Mar-19 19:35:07

Oh fab tip, thanks so much. I was going to tell asap

Saucery Sat 23-Mar-19 19:35:18

Put in a form to the school for it anyway, might as well do it by the book. But if it’s Unauthorised, well, it’s booked now, enjoy looking forward to it!

Orchidflower1 Sat 23-Mar-19 19:35:42

Nursery - they can’t fine you because it’s not school age. For the older one it depends on the school.

I’d write to the head and see what they say after the rubbish time you’ve had you and the dc need a break.

SrSteveOskowski Sat 23-Mar-19 19:35:43

YANBU at all. Missing one week of school is not going to impact on your children's future. A week in the sun will do you all good.
Hope you and your DC have a great time x

ILoveMaxiBondi Sat 23-Mar-19 19:36:14

Will you definitely get a fine? Is there any chance the school would authorise it? If you explained the situation?

Ellieboolou27 Sat 23-Mar-19 19:36:20

Go for it!!!! You’ll only get fined for 7yo as its Not compulsory for 4yo.
£75 well spent and sounds like you deserve it - enjoy

MintyCedric Sat 23-Mar-19 19:38:13

Bloody good for you...have a great time and know that life really does get better flowers

TriciaH87 Sat 23-Mar-19 19:39:17

We have done it 3 times so far with our boys snd not been fined. Also doing again in June. If we get a fine so be it we still save over a grand and we couldn't go away last year as me and oh were not off at same time. Its good for them and you to get a break. It sounds like you deserve it.

oblada Sat 23-Mar-19 19:41:45

My LA only fines after 10 days unauthorised in a 10 weeks period. Fine is 60quids. So check your local authority rules and don't worry about it! I took kids the same age on a ski holiday earlier this month and will probably continue to take ski holidays outside of school holiday time if it's worth it (much much cheaper flights and it was a quiet time where we went which was absolutely fab).

rose789 Sat 23-Mar-19 19:43:19

Eeh op I read your update as you had 4 children in nursery and 7 in school!! grin
That would have been a lot of fines- and a fortune to get 12 of you to Gran Canaria grin

Go for it, and have a wonderful time flowers

noideaatallreally Sat 23-Mar-19 19:45:29

Go on your holiday. Enjoy the time with your children. Bugger the fines - they are not going to miss anything of great importance in school. Stop worrying and enjoy.

flumposie Sat 23-Mar-19 19:47:07

Enjoy your holiday.

TapasForTwo Sat 23-Mar-19 19:47:14

I'm a bit of a rule follower, but in this case I would just go for it.

Mumshotel Sat 23-Mar-19 19:47:50

Thanks for the sharing of your ecperiences. I did think about writing to ecplain the shitty time. But i wonder if just sucking up the fine and telling them not long before might be better. Glad to know others havnt got a fine.

Mumshotel Sat 23-Mar-19 19:48:48

Yey you have been so supportive. Thank you. Parenting is ridden with guilt isnt it x

OnlineAlienator Sat 23-Mar-19 19:49:33

Go for it - they are YOUR children, these fines are insane.

MsTSwift Sat 23-Mar-19 19:51:21

You won’t get fined for the little one anyway

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