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To hate colour blocked charity shops

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Sunny525 Sat 23-Mar-19 17:01:13

I know it looks pretty but who has ever gone into a shop to buy a 'green' not bothered of it's a jumper, t-shirt, cardigan, thick or thin as long as it's green?
AND I have to sort through every colour section in the shop to find a cardigan (for example) and the sizes are all over the place.

I'm sure they think it's a good marketing idea as you have to look through the whole shop but I just give up and don't bother!

AIBU to just want to go in, find the jumper/cardigan section and look through the bit that has my size?

It also makes me furious that they don't apply this ridiculous system to the men's clothing - they can go straight to the shirt section and look at the collar size section that suits them.... do they think lady brains can only shop in pretty colour sections, while men get a sensible system for sorting their clothing angry

dancinfeet Sat 23-Mar-19 20:39:00

I hate the colour blocking thing!! I often scour the local charity shops for costume items for my musical theatre classes, and I have to say that the only time I have ever found it helpful having the clothes sorted by colour was when we did a production of The Wizard Of Oz and I wanted lots of green clothing for the people in the Land Of Oz. It was a complete headache this time around (for our most recent performance) when I was on the lookout for waistcoats to kit out chimney sweeps (for Mary Poppins) and I had to rummage through rails of random skirts, blouses, jackets looking for the elusive waistcoat that may be hidden amongst them. Multiply that by needing them for fifteen students and that equates to an awful lot of rummaging!! Its so much easier to pop over to the mens / ladies wear and find all of the jackets and waistcoats together, and hung in size order, and it makes it much more likely that I will find exactly what I am looking for and actually walk out having made a purchase. I did give up in a few shops, combine the colour coordinated thing with a tiny shop on a busy day and I will lose patience and leave.

Same if I am looking for something for myself - I usually go in knowing I'm looking for a top or trousers, so I honestly don't want to to sift through all the other stuff too, usually I will end up not bothering to look properly.

ShadowMane Sat 23-Mar-19 20:42:06

I hate it, and wont shop in any of the charity shops that do it

My first criteria is "will it fit"
My second creteria is "what does it look like"

I'm not going to go to #2 if #1 doesnt happen

bridgetreilly Sat 23-Mar-19 20:43:33

Me. I much prefer to shop by colour. If it's sorted by size, I have to sort through all the colours I would never buy. If it's sorted by colour, I get to see all the clothes I might be interested in and also decide whether the number on the label is relevant to me or not (because sizing is bonkers and anything from a 14 to a 20 stands a chance).

Shocksandboooos Sat 23-Mar-19 20:44:28

My favourite charity shop just has a nice, welcoming feel to it. There are a couple of little chairs near the kids books and they are welcome to sit and look at books, unlike the other cs that I overheard telling a little boy
‘This is not a library’ because he was sitting in the floor reading a book to himself. sad

It’s quite small so I think that they are quite selective about what they put out. Nothing is washed out or damaged.
But what there is out is sensibly priced. I don’t mind paying for good quality in good condition but it’s a bit off to be asked for £4 for a stretched and faded primark vest.

They are also lovely when you take in donations and will offer to help from the car or at least express regret if they can’t help. I don’t expect to be treated like a godess for taking in a bag of clothes but some shops make you feel like and inconvenience when you take things in. A simple thank you is welcome.

A quirky window always attracts me too.

ShadowMane Sat 23-Mar-19 20:46:46

but its easier to see from the outside what the colour is, but you cant tell by looking on the hanger what size something is?

MikeUniformMike Sat 23-Mar-19 20:49:49

I hate the colour blocking. Hanging by type of garment and by size is much better. I'd be quite unlikely to rummage in a shop that colour blocks and I am a keen CS shopper.

Wowzel Sat 23-Mar-19 20:50:31

I only like wearing black so I think it is great. I can see why others wouldn't like it though

Seeingadistance Sat 23-Mar-19 20:52:24

I like it. There are quite a few colours I would never wear, so I can simply ignore those rails. Charity shops are pretty small anyway, so it's not as if there's loads of stock to rummage through.

Dakiara Sat 23-Mar-19 20:54:19

I dislike colour blocking immensely. Especially when it's done in shades too so there's my size in dark blue, four items, then another in my size in a slightly different blue and so on for the whole shop. It's time consuming looking and means I get around less shops overall, plus I cannot be bothered to check out the sizes either side of my usual, just incase they were to fit. I shop more in ones that group by size now.

(As it was asked, I dislike when things are priced purely on label but not condition, such as Clarks boots in their box for £40, but badly scuffed all along the edges and top. Though I know that they have to get the most they can for their donations, the condition of the items is often poor for the prices they want. Also, I'm not keen if there are shelves of imported new tat instead of second hand donations like in the Marie Stopes and BHF shops near me.)

KateMadikane Sat 23-Mar-19 21:00:59

I like it sorted by colour as long as it’s just generally blue, green etc and then by size within that. Like a pp I have a few favourite colours (green, jade, turquoise) so I can just quickly look at those, find nothing in my size and move on to the books!

Giraffey1 Sat 23-Mar-19 21:03:14

I don’t mind if they sort by colour block as long as they also sort by size. Really annoys me when they don’t.

donaldducksgranonceremoved Sat 23-Mar-19 21:05:48

They've done this with books in one near to me.

Red coloured books

Green coloured books


Really weird to jumble the topics fiction/non fiction/how to etc in favour of colour of spine

It's catching unfortunately

junebirthdaygirl Sat 23-Mar-19 21:06:13

I love it sorted by colour. I know the colours l like: red/ bright pink and l always look through the black stuff. I can wear 12 to 16 depending on what it is. It think all the colours together make it look tempting.

IAmNotAWitch Sat 23-Mar-19 21:09:34

I once worked in a law firm where the office junior was asked to tidy up the books in the library (back when we still had them) because lazy lawyers had been putting them back wherever.

She did them by colour...which was kind of OK because of course each set matched. But she only did colour, no alphabetical sorting at did look nice though.

Leeds2 Sat 23-Mar-19 21:10:17

I don't know a single charity shop that does this! I go in lots of them, frequently, to buy books so maybe I have just not noticed as I don't look at the clothes. I will, next time!
Fwiw, it would annoy me, and put me off buying anything.

Totopoly Sat 23-Mar-19 21:12:45

OP, you said it for me!

Princess1066 Sat 23-Mar-19 21:15:01

I think YABU - it's so much easier to see things IMO grin

ShellieEllie Sat 23-Mar-19 21:18:55

I absolutely detest it too. I've not bought a thing in our local Cancer Research and local Hospice shops since they've done this sadly. I'm limited for time in my lunch hour and don't want to spend it going through every single colourway to find something I might want - by size and type is definitely the only way. I certainly don't go into a charity shop thinking 'I really need a blue item of clothing today'.

MightyAtlantic Sat 23-Mar-19 21:19:24

I also dislike charity shops that arrange clothes by colour. But not as much as I dislike the charity bookshop near my parents' house that splits its fiction section into books by men and book's by women. In 2019. hmm

MightyAtlantic Sat 23-Mar-19 21:21:38

books of course, the rogue apostrophe does not feature in the shop signage! wink

JaceLancs Sat 23-Mar-19 21:24:47

My favourite charity shops are British heart foundation purely because they sort by type of garment then by size
Local hospice also does the same
Any shop that colour blocks I lose the will to live and just check out the bric a brac
Interesting how others disagree
I go into charity shops looking for something specific eg at moment am looking for shoes/sandals summer dresses and lightweight coats or jackets
I’m definitely not looking for something of a specific colour!!!

Afineexample Sat 23-Mar-19 21:26:59

My local BHF sort by size and it's HEAVEN.
No great finds only to find they are 4 sizes out!

asparalite Sat 23-Mar-19 21:29:34

There are some charity shops, Oxfam I think mainly,where not only are women's clothes colour blocked but the hangers have no size cubes making it even more tedious to find things!

Lovestonap Sat 23-Mar-19 21:34:56

Here here op. I shop almost exclusively in charity shops for my clothes and colour blocking is such a weird way of doing it!

I'm interested in people who only wear one or two colours though, have you really got wardrobes all full of one colour garments?! 😁

Except the all-black thing, I get that.

Off subject but I also hate the high prices charged in some shops (bhf I'm looking at you). Its like they've never heard of fast fashion and price the asda stuff the same as the Next stuff just because it's the same garment type.

I feel better to have got that off my chest because I would feel like a miserable skinflint voicing it in real life

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Sat 23-Mar-19 21:35:13

oh i thought i was the only one who didnt like this...I like to look at coats in the winter, or summer dresses, fancy frocks .... three swishes and off we trot if nothing suits

but all this colour malarkey...NO!

looking at every bloody hanger to see what it is, and then what blasted size it is, where's the label?? that suede handkerchief is never a size 18 miniskirt, no it's a top shop small on an 18 hanger....oh we don't have enough of the right it suede you are looking for?? gloves? No ta, I want a nice frock.

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