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Told I can't have a smear test until

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sweetdreams30 Sat 23-Mar-19 14:29:58

I had a baby a 4 months ago. I've had two episodes of where I've wiped and there's been a tiny amount of blood in the cm. I've also had bad back pain and tenderness in the c section pouch. On top of that I've a huge amount of cm more than I've ever had even when I was ttc and trying every trick in the book to naturally increase it. I haven't had a smear test in years due to having two children one after the other but I rang to get one done due to feeling slightly worried and was told I needed to wait till I get a period and then go 2 weeks later. AIBU to think this doesn't sound right?

JellycatElfie Sat 23-Mar-19 14:31:26

Did you ask why?

HJWT Sat 23-Mar-19 14:32:23

It is best to have a smear test when you are not having your period. If a woman is not having periods or is menopausal, she can attend for her smear test at any time as long as there is no bleeding.


twig1234 Sat 23-Mar-19 14:33:18

No that's not right. You need to be over 3 months post natal so you would be able to have a smear now. You do not need to wait for a period. Please ring your practice and ask for the nurse to phone you if you can't get booked in.

Skittlesss Sat 23-Mar-19 14:33:27

Maybe they want to make sure you aren’t pregnant?

I have problems booking smears at my GP. The last time I rang for one I couldn’t get an appointment - none available for the next 6 weeks and they couldn’t book so far ahead after that, so I would need to ring again in 6 weeks.

Hugtheduggee Sat 23-Mar-19 14:37:31

They told me it was 6m after having a baby to have a smear test.

Catscakeandchocolate Sat 23-Mar-19 14:37:52

No that is not right. I had a smear test when DD was 12 weeks old and my periods haven't returned yet. I was due a test when pregnant but declined until after she was born. They put my last period down for over a year ago no issue. Definitely call them and explain you need the test Asap.

sweetdreams30 Sat 23-Mar-19 14:39:15

@HJWT I was told I needed to wait until I get a period and go two weeks later so not during my period at all. I haven't had a period since I had my baby.

Celebelly Sat 23-Mar-19 14:39:45

I've just had a baby and am due a smear - they said three months postpartum, no mention of periods. If breastfeeding, periods can take a while to return so it wouldn't be safe to delay for months and months!

sweetdreams30 Sat 23-Mar-19 14:41:30

@Celebelly that's what I thought. I didn't want to be disclosing too much with the receptionist though but may ask for the nurse to give me a call like a pp suggested.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 23-Mar-19 14:52:06

If you are concerned go to your gp who may or may not request further investigation or reassure you (i suspect the latter). The issue with having or being close to a period us that it can affect the results. Where i am they just ask where in your cycle you are. My periods are so unpredictable i wouldn't be able to book if they were too fussy.

olderthanyouthink Sat 23-Mar-19 14:53:10

That's what I was told! On Monday I tried to book one and the receptionist wouldn't book one without a period date, I've had one since my DD was born 4 months ago (8 week pp) and I'm on CD70 now, not clue when it will be next never was regular anyway

She said it needed to be 2 weeks before or after a period otherwise it wouldn't be accurate. So I have to wait for the next period and then hope they can fit me in apparently.

Babysleeeeeeep Sat 23-Mar-19 14:55:36

Erm I’ve just had my smear - I had a baby 8 weeks ago and had no period yet??

TickTockBaby Sat 23-Mar-19 14:59:32

Perform smears every day in my role.

No reason to wait for a period, need to be 12 weeks Postpartum and reasonably sure not pregnant.

I'd ring again and ask to see/speak with practice nurse and if no luck speak with practice manager.

Also if you get no luck you could get a smear through the sexual health clinic, smile

Crunchymum Sat 23-Mar-19 15:00:03

I had my smear recently and the guidelines have changed. Doesn't have to be mid cycle anymore. Just anytime you aren't having your period.

twig1234 Sat 23-Mar-19 15:02:20

No it is 3 months not 6 months. For the poster whom had smear only 8 weeks post natal the nurse should not have performed smear and if she has put on form that fact. The sample will be discarded. The cervix cells need to wait 3 months. Can give irregular result or be inadequate. You don't need to wait for periods. As long as you are in the recall time of your smear and not too early then you should have the smear taken. It's quite unsettling how much incorrect information you are all getting from your gp surgeries.

PumpkinPie2016 Sat 23-Mar-19 15:02:24

Not sure on the period thing but tenderness in the c-section area and back ache could still be just from the birth?

My scar was still tender for about 6 months and I had lower back ache for ages until I saw a physio who said my pelvis was out of alignment from the pregnancy. He corrected it in one session. So, I suppose I wouldn't worry too much about those two things.

Maybe ask for a nurse to give you a call? You don't have to say why - just say you don't want to discuss it with anyone other than a nurse/doctor. The receptionist has no right to know your medical issues.

PurpleDaisies Sat 23-Mar-19 15:02:25

If you’re having symptoms, you don’t need a routine screening smear, you need investigating to find out the cause. Have you seen your gp?

twig1234 Sat 23-Mar-19 15:03:52

A smear is a screening service not to be seen as diagnostic. If you are having irregular symptoms always see your gp as you may need scans and gynaecologist referral

TapasForTwo Sat 23-Mar-19 15:04:32

HJWT I went for a smear yesterday due to unexplained post menopausal bleeding, and the nurse refused to do it until I had been referred by the GP or until I had received a letter inviting me for one. I thought I was doing the right thing by just booking a smear myself. I now have to book, a GP appointment, possibly get referred to gynae, and then wait for a referral for a smear test. It's bonkers.

greenpop21 Sat 23-Mar-19 15:10:49

I had one at my 6 week post natal check.

PurpleDaisies Sat 23-Mar-19 15:12:36

They shouldn’t have done it then green...

Bambamber Sat 23-Mar-19 15:14:12

I had a routine smear test post partum despite not having a period.

On a side note, I had loads and loads of discharge post partum too. I had to wear liners for about 6 months as there was so much of it. Apparently it can be normal

PurpleDaisies Sat 23-Mar-19 15:14:26

TapasForTwo have you seen your gp about the unexplained bleeding? It’s inportant that you do that-there are other causes apart from cervix issues.

Again, a routine screening smear isn’t the right thing to do if you’ve got symptoms. You need to see a doctor.

greenpop21 Sat 23-Mar-19 15:16:05

It was 15 years ago. All was fine.It's how I know when my smear is due, every third birthday of my DD.

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