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To risk using my car with engine management light on

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Damonlufc88 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:12:21

Got the orange light last night as I was just pulling home from work at 9pm. Its been a little loud and juddering for a couple of days now. MOT and service is booked for Tuesday anyway. My ASD son has his swimming class today 11 miles away, do l risk the car as have no plans to use it until I take it the garage Tuesday.

AlpacaLypse Sat 23-Mar-19 09:48:11

It's making funny noises 'a little loud and juddering for a couple of days now'.

I wouldn't take it anywhere other than to the garage.

gamerchick Sat 23-Mar-19 09:49:13

My light flashes up at entirely random moments and slows the engine down, like I can't go over 20 mph and it feels really heavy

I ignored limp mode for a while, it ended up in nearly 4 grand of repairs.

gamerchick Sat 23-Mar-19 09:51:21

I wouldnt risk it OP. On my own, maybe because I pay a canny chunk of change in breakdown cover. But not with my ASD son with me. Not worth it.

sandgrown Sat 23-Mar-19 09:53:08

As PP I would risk It but I have breakdown cover and I drive an old banger that makes lots of noises!

Heratnumber7 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:57:02

It's 11 miles. Get a taxi. Get the bus back if you have more time and want to save money.

SciFiRules Sat 23-Mar-19 10:12:25

Depends, if it's an older car then I'd probably use it on the grounds that it doesn't matter if the worst happens, if it's newer I'd be a little more careful. An ODB2 reader can be purchased cheaply to give you an indication where the problem lays.

SciFiRules Sat 23-Mar-19 10:14:44

Check the handbook too. There are commonly quite a few orange lights, mine used to put up a service light in orange.

ZippyBungleandGeorge Sat 23-Mar-19 10:18:47

It's difficult to know, on my old car this happened (juddery too) , I only drove it the mile and a half to the garage, turned out the oil filter had disintegrated and started to go into the oil pump, mechanic said if I'd driven it any further I could've basically ruined the engine

nometal Sat 23-Mar-19 10:19:17

"It's tricky isn't it? Why don't these fancy electric cars actually tell us what's bothering them rather than just flashing a light?grin"

They do, petrol and diesel too. You need an OBD scanner to communicate with them though.

OP There a many reasons why the lamp will come on. Some serious, some not so. Depending on the car, serious ones tend to put the car in limp mode. In any case, if the light is on, the car will fail its MoT test so you will need to get it looked at.

FishesaPlenty Sat 23-Mar-19 10:21:37

Sounds like you might need a new coil set, which means you’re likely to stall.

Remarkable conclusion based on absolutely no information! You don't even know whether the car's got a petrol engine.

Could you diagnose this pain I've got as well please?

SugarMiceInTheRain Sat 23-Mar-19 10:22:21

Mine has been on intermittently for years. Nothing major wrong with the car and it's still running ok. But I'm quite blase about my car as it's 14 years old, with 185,000 miles on the clock so doesn't owe me anything!

BritInUS1 Sat 23-Mar-19 10:23:37

Don’t drive it and call breakdown service for advice

badlydrawnperson Sat 23-Mar-19 10:25:43

I would definitely risk it - but I am in the RAC and don't fear breaking down.

badlydrawnperson Sat 23-Mar-19 10:28:19

AnyFucker Sat 23-Mar-19 10:30:07

My engine warning light has been on for 2 years

nometal Sat 23-Mar-19 10:30:56

"but I am in the RAC and don't fear breaking down"

So am I. Breaking down, even with breakdown cover, can be a real pain in the bum. Last time broke down was in Heidelberg and it added four days to my journey home.

RevealTheLegend Sat 23-Mar-19 10:37:37

The question to ask yourself is how would your ASD son cope if the car broke down while they were in it.

Would he be able to cope with waiting for recovery and traveling home in a different vehicle?

Some might find that a thrilling adventure others might find it terrifying.

GertrudeCB Sat 23-Mar-19 10:40:03

I wouldn't.
My cars engine management light came on at as I arrived at work and 8 hours later it conked out a couple of miles from home.

Duchessgummybuns Sat 23-Mar-19 10:47:53

Could you diagnose this pain I've got as well please?

Certainly, sounds like you’ve got your knickers in a twist! HTH.

juls1888 Sat 23-Mar-19 10:48:14

Mine comes on all the time anytime the battery gets slightly low. It's a common fault on that model of car. My theory is that I'll just keep going til it stops, which it never does, and every time it goes into the garage they say there is nothing wrong and it's an intermittent fault.

DontCallMeCharlotte Sat 23-Mar-19 11:10:55

My SERV + airbag lights have been on since I drove home from a friend's wedding in 2010. That couple are divorced now.

(It's something to do with seatbelt sensors apparently and the mechanic can usually get it to go off for the MoT and then it comes back on about a week later.)

Fluffyears Sat 23-Mar-19 11:24:07

The light in my Astra came on so easily, if you farted on popped the light! A bump in the road...engine management light. I took it on so many times and it was a sensor issue. I eventually stopped. It was a year old.

caughtinanet Sat 23-Mar-19 11:27:04

Please explain the logic behind saying my engine light has been on for 2 years so you'll be fine. That's ridiculous.

On that basis warning lights could safely be ignored because a random person on the internet said they haven't had a problem. Some people are extremely hard of thinking not to mention giving potentially dangerous advice.

AnyFucker Sat 23-Mar-19 11:29:53

I didn't say op would be fine.

I said my engine light had been on for 2 years so it does not necessarily mean something dramatic.

We don't know if op's car will be ok or not. Not beong Mystic Meg 'n' all

Elloello Sat 23-Mar-19 11:31:08

Ah, mine is actually the spanner and car Amber light, not the engine. And dh did try a fault reader but it didn't show anything. confused

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