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To risk using my car with engine management light on

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Damonlufc88 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:12:21

Got the orange light last night as I was just pulling home from work at 9pm. Its been a little loud and juddering for a couple of days now. MOT and service is booked for Tuesday anyway. My ASD son has his swimming class today 11 miles away, do l risk the car as have no plans to use it until I take it the garage Tuesday.

sonjadog Sat 23-Mar-19 09:13:23

I wouldn’t.

Tartanwarrior Sat 23-Mar-19 09:14:12

Nope- don't risk it for a swimming lesson

Sirzy Sat 23-Mar-19 09:14:38

As you know it isn’t driving right then I wouldn’t risk it.

Worst case scenario would be being broken down with your son in the car and the problems that would cause!

domton Sat 23-Mar-19 09:15:57

I would if you have cover, if it's been dodgy for a few days can't were 11 miles killing it. I'm a bit blase about these things though.

Duchessgummybuns Sat 23-Mar-19 09:16:58

Sounds like you might need a new coil set, which means you’re likely to stall. But there could be other more serious reasons. I would get it looked at.

Cwtches123 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:18:21

No, you could do serious and costly damage! Not worth if for a swimming lesson.

GetsIt Sat 23-Mar-19 09:20:13

On a slightly more positive (and probably unhelpful) note my mk4 golf used to fling the engine management light at me for the most random things..... Brake light bulbs for example!

Damonlufc88 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:21:45

It's been booked in for MOT and service for Tuesday since before this anyway and today is all I'll need it for really. He won't be able to go swimming next week as its a supervised session where parents join in and my youngest has a party next week, he hasn't been invited to many so I'm taking him there and wife is working next weekend.

SisyphusDad Sat 23-Mar-19 09:26:05

Had the same problem with the brake light bulb. The reason is that the engine management system reduces the fuel flow when you brake and for some reason it can't cope with a blown bulb. confused

thesnapandfartisinfallible Sat 23-Mar-19 09:26:24

We do but we know what's wrong with it and it does eventually sort itself. It's a dodgy fuel injector that does unstick itself in the end. We've been driving it like that for a couple years now.

Deadbydaylight Sat 23-Mar-19 09:26:48

Drive it then. You want to and you don't want to listen to us. Just don't complain if your engine explodes and you need to spend a few grand on a new one or a new car.

Streamside Sat 23-Mar-19 09:29:44

I broke down recently and it was horrendous to see the management light flash quickly then the shop light.I had seconds to try and pull my car into a safe area and it's not something I'd want to happen if I'd a child with me.

Meandmetoo Sat 23-Mar-19 09:31:26

I would do that short distance if I knew it was definitely coil pack, sounds like it but it could be crank shaft sensor too (I have also driven with a dodgy one of those too for a few days)

Depends on the age of the car and how you feel generally about risk.

Damonlufc88 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:31:29

DEADBYDAYLIGHT chill out. I don't want to drive it. I want feedback off others that's all.

bloodywhitecat Sat 23-Mar-19 09:31:58

It could be something as simple as a dodgy sensor or it could be something major but you have no way of knowing until it is hooked up to a fault reader. I wouldn't be making unnecessary trips in it if it were mine.

hazell42 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:34:41

Mine has been on for 2 and a half years because it is I overdue for a service and i cant afford a service.
Is it driving ok?

Shelbybear Sat 23-Mar-19 09:37:14

I wouldn't I'd take it straight to the garage.

However, my husband had an engine management light that used to come on sometimes and go off. Garage couldn't find anything wrong with the car and it never broke down.

You say it's been making a noise though too. I wouldn't risk it for a journey 11 miles away with a child.

Elloello Sat 23-Mar-19 09:39:29

It's tricky isn't it? Why don't these fancy electric cars actually tell us what's bothering them rather than just flashing a light?grin
My light flashes up at entirely random moments and slows the engine down, like I can't go over 20 mph and it feels really heavy. I was on a multi storey car park once trying to go up a ramp and had to reverse back down as it just had no power to get up the ramp! It's worrying as I could get into a pickle out in the road like that but we just can't find out what's going on with it. It's totally random. Sometimes I think it may be the cold weather but then, hmm, not sure. And if you take it to the garage it appears there's nothing wrong with it and it works fine! What do you do when you can't just afford a new car?

Deadbydaylight Sat 23-Mar-19 09:40:05

You're the one that, despite everyone saying don't do it, is still making excuses for why you should.

If you want to take the risk, know the possible consequences. You could at worst case blow up the engine. Meaning new car/engine. If you can afford that then go to the all important swimming lessons. If you can't don't go.

LateEaster Sat 23-Mar-19 09:41:03

It's only a swimming lesson. No!!

Deadbydaylight Sat 23-Mar-19 09:41:48

For what it's worth, check your oil level. At the very least if you're going to drive it, make sure it has enough oil. It probably doesn't if its due a service. Which could also cause engine failure.

obviouslymarvellous Sat 23-Mar-19 09:44:19

I would drive it - I had a Touran that used to do this all the time. There was nothing wrong with it just a faulty sensor. If it is running ok then drive it. How would son be if car broke down I only ask as I have dd with sen. Also the routine will be broken if you don't go will he mind? Also my dh drove his car some 500 miles the other week and engine light came on... it was a faulty sensor again. If it sounds ok then it's up to you

Whatdoyouknowwhenyouknownowt Sat 23-Mar-19 09:45:37

If it's orange, not flashing, ok to drive a bit. Orange & flashing, not so good, red is don't drive & get immediate attention.

I would say if it's booked in for a service, that's all the garage will be expecting to do. Running diagnostics needs booking in separately, I would think. If you have the AA, they can run a scan. As can anyone with the appropriate software.

Singlenotsingle Sat 23-Mar-19 09:46:01

Have you got breakdown cover? If so, I'd go for it. EM lights go on for all sorts of silly reasons, and often they go straight off again.

AlpacaLypse Sat 23-Mar-19 09:48:11

It's making funny noises 'a little loud and juddering for a couple of days now'.

I wouldn't take it anywhere other than to the garage.

gamerchick Sat 23-Mar-19 09:49:13

My light flashes up at entirely random moments and slows the engine down, like I can't go over 20 mph and it feels really heavy

I ignored limp mode for a while, it ended up in nearly 4 grand of repairs.

gamerchick Sat 23-Mar-19 09:51:21

I wouldnt risk it OP. On my own, maybe because I pay a canny chunk of change in breakdown cover. But not with my ASD son with me. Not worth it.

sandgrown Sat 23-Mar-19 09:53:08

As PP I would risk It but I have breakdown cover and I drive an old banger that makes lots of noises!

Heratnumber7 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:57:02

It's 11 miles. Get a taxi. Get the bus back if you have more time and want to save money.

SciFiRules Sat 23-Mar-19 10:12:25

Depends, if it's an older car then I'd probably use it on the grounds that it doesn't matter if the worst happens, if it's newer I'd be a little more careful. An ODB2 reader can be purchased cheaply to give you an indication where the problem lays.

SciFiRules Sat 23-Mar-19 10:14:44

Check the handbook too. There are commonly quite a few orange lights, mine used to put up a service light in orange.

ZippyBungleandGeorge Sat 23-Mar-19 10:18:47

It's difficult to know, on my old car this happened (juddery too) , I only drove it the mile and a half to the garage, turned out the oil filter had disintegrated and started to go into the oil pump, mechanic said if I'd driven it any further I could've basically ruined the engine

nometal Sat 23-Mar-19 10:19:17

"It's tricky isn't it? Why don't these fancy electric cars actually tell us what's bothering them rather than just flashing a light?grin"

They do, petrol and diesel too. You need an OBD scanner to communicate with them though.

OP There a many reasons why the lamp will come on. Some serious, some not so. Depending on the car, serious ones tend to put the car in limp mode. In any case, if the light is on, the car will fail its MoT test so you will need to get it looked at.

FishesaPlenty Sat 23-Mar-19 10:21:37

Sounds like you might need a new coil set, which means you’re likely to stall.

Remarkable conclusion based on absolutely no information! You don't even know whether the car's got a petrol engine.

Could you diagnose this pain I've got as well please?

SugarMiceInTheRain Sat 23-Mar-19 10:22:21

Mine has been on intermittently for years. Nothing major wrong with the car and it's still running ok. But I'm quite blase about my car as it's 14 years old, with 185,000 miles on the clock so doesn't owe me anything!

BritInUS1 Sat 23-Mar-19 10:23:37

Don’t drive it and call breakdown service for advice

badlydrawnperson Sat 23-Mar-19 10:25:43

I would definitely risk it - but I am in the RAC and don't fear breaking down.

badlydrawnperson Sat 23-Mar-19 10:28:19

AnyFucker Sat 23-Mar-19 10:30:07

My engine warning light has been on for 2 years

nometal Sat 23-Mar-19 10:30:56

"but I am in the RAC and don't fear breaking down"

So am I. Breaking down, even with breakdown cover, can be a real pain in the bum. Last time broke down was in Heidelberg and it added four days to my journey home.

RevealTheLegend Sat 23-Mar-19 10:37:37

The question to ask yourself is how would your ASD son cope if the car broke down while they were in it.

Would he be able to cope with waiting for recovery and traveling home in a different vehicle?

Some might find that a thrilling adventure others might find it terrifying.

GertrudeCB Sat 23-Mar-19 10:40:03

I wouldn't.
My cars engine management light came on at as I arrived at work and 8 hours later it conked out a couple of miles from home.

Duchessgummybuns Sat 23-Mar-19 10:47:53

Could you diagnose this pain I've got as well please?

Certainly, sounds like you’ve got your knickers in a twist! HTH.

juls1888 Sat 23-Mar-19 10:48:14

Mine comes on all the time anytime the battery gets slightly low. It's a common fault on that model of car. My theory is that I'll just keep going til it stops, which it never does, and every time it goes into the garage they say there is nothing wrong and it's an intermittent fault.

DontCallMeCharlotte Sat 23-Mar-19 11:10:55

My SERV + airbag lights have been on since I drove home from a friend's wedding in 2010. That couple are divorced now.

(It's something to do with seatbelt sensors apparently and the mechanic can usually get it to go off for the MoT and then it comes back on about a week later.)

Fluffyears Sat 23-Mar-19 11:24:07

The light in my Astra came on so easily, if you farted on popped the light! A bump in the road...engine management light. I took it on so many times and it was a sensor issue. I eventually stopped. It was a year old.

caughtinanet Sat 23-Mar-19 11:27:04

Please explain the logic behind saying my engine light has been on for 2 years so you'll be fine. That's ridiculous.

On that basis warning lights could safely be ignored because a random person on the internet said they haven't had a problem. Some people are extremely hard of thinking not to mention giving potentially dangerous advice.

AnyFucker Sat 23-Mar-19 11:29:53

I didn't say op would be fine.

I said my engine light had been on for 2 years so it does not necessarily mean something dramatic.

We don't know if op's car will be ok or not. Not beong Mystic Meg 'n' all

Elloello Sat 23-Mar-19 11:31:08

Ah, mine is actually the spanner and car Amber light, not the engine. And dh did try a fault reader but it didn't show anything. confused

thenightsky Sat 23-Mar-19 11:31:24

I've driven for 6 months with the orange engine management light on, but I knew it was only a sensor for emissions and the was actually fine. I just got it fixed at MOT time as it would have failed otherwise.

bellabasset Sat 23-Mar-19 11:35:49

My airbag light came on and it was diagnosed as water in the electrics, couldn't be repaired so had to write off. The car needed rewiring.

Unless you know what's causing it then don't risk it

AlunWynsKnee Sat 23-Mar-19 11:37:50

Ello isn't the Spanner for it needing a service?

wibbleee Sat 23-Mar-19 11:48:57

mmm I had that earlier this year. I drove straight to the garage, where it stayed till fixed. personally I wouldn`t risk a swimming lesson for it. It could be something or nothing.

Figaro88 Sat 23-Mar-19 11:52:37

@Elloello the spanner in the car is the service reminder light not the engine light. If you put your make, model and year into Google along with reset service reminder light it will tell you how to rest the counter. I find the garage never resets mine. Mine is very easy to rest turn ignition on press and hold the right trip button on the dash for 10 seconds release press again wait 5 seconds turn ignition off that is it reset for 12000 miles.

Elloello Sat 23-Mar-19 11:58:51

@Figaro88 I'll look at that but surely needing a service wouldn't send it into 'limp' mode at random times?

HaveYouSeentheWritingontheWall Sat 23-Mar-19 12:06:26

Air mass spectrometer is also a possibility, mine went while I was 200 miles from home, had it replaced (allegedly) which took over 2 hours because they had to have the part delivered (allegedly), 50 miles from home the engine management warning light came on again, carried on driving and took it in to the garage that I occasionally used and told them what had happened, they had a look at the Air mass spectrometer and said that it was definitely not a new one, they took it up with the other garage who reimbursed them what they had charged me which was a bit more than they would have charged me and they tried to give me back the difference, I told them to keep it, thanked them for their honesty and have been using them ever since.

Dramatical Sat 23-Mar-19 12:10:12

would definitely risk it - but I am in the RAC and don't fear breaking down

This is such a bizarre way to view things.

Breaking down isn't the worry, further damage to the car however can run into thousands of pounds. But hey, so long as the RAC can come and tow you to the garage!

It's obviously too late for OP but when the car is warning you of something you need to listen.

JAMMFYesPlease Sat 23-Mar-19 12:14:05

Because of the noise, I wouldn't. My engine maintenance light has been in and off intermittently for two years. Turns out it was the dying battery that was causing the fault and it's no wonder a mechanic couldn't find it. I didn't even realise the battery was a problem until it packed in fully this winter. Mechanics have always told me that if it's just the light, the car will be fine for a small journey until looked at to avoid other problems.

Whenever a car starts making an odd noise I get it straight in. In your case, I'd not go to the swimming lesson or get the bus if that was an option.

Witchend Sat 23-Mar-19 12:14:43

Mine's been on and off for the last two years. It basically needs a long motorway run regularly to keep it off. Garage says it's fine.
Check the error codes and you can Google them and see if it's safe. I check mine regularly and as long as it's the same it's fine.

Dramatical Sat 23-Mar-19 12:25:09

Mechanics have always told me that if it's just the light, the car will be fine for a small journey until looked at to avoid other problems.

You should probably get new mechanics. When the light comes on you have no way of knowing what the problem is. If you don't know what the problem is you can potentially damage your car irreparably. Can't understand the relevance of a small journey either.

Bluearsedfly36 Sat 23-Mar-19 12:25:12

I'd take it to a garage and put it on a diagnostic machine, that will tell you the problem. My engine management light came on and I was panicking. Took it to the garage and the machine told us the car just needed an oil change.

cece Sat 23-Mar-19 12:34:12

Orange light yes. Red warning light no.

IchWill Sat 23-Mar-19 13:10:30

What car have you got? You might be able to work out the fault code if one isn't displayed.

Iwrotethissongfor Sat 23-Mar-19 13:15:10

I would - my car had orange light and a red light. Orange light I was happy to drive with. I got it checked once with the orange light and they couldn’t find an issue so every other time I just thought it was fine. It it had changed to red I’d wouldn’t have.

elloello the computer on my car now tells me what the problem is rather than just a light.

KitKat1985 Sat 23-Mar-19 14:00:07

It depends on what level of severity of engine management light is showing. On Ford's for example a solid engine management light means the vehicle needs some attention, but should be safe to drive (my old Ford Fiesta had these fairly often and usually meant an oxygen sensor needed replacing). In which case it should be fine to drive short distances and be looked at on Tuesday. Flashing engine management lights in Ford's indicate a more serious issue meaning the car isn't safe to drive / driving it could result in damage to the vehicle. Other makes of car operate a similar system but may use solid red engine management lights (rather than flashing ones) to indicate a serious problem.

Dramatical Sat 23-Mar-19 14:10:02

Car making loud noise and juddering. Management light on. Yet people are suggesting it's ok to drive!

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