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Ponnala Sat 23-Mar-19 02:35:07

Hi my six month old girl drank water while giving bath to her...she is eating drinking milk regularly but I feel she is little dullbthan I need to take her to a doctor or can I wait 24 hours....this dry drowning concept is killing me....please help moms....

brizzlemint Sat 23-Mar-19 02:49:44

My dd did that, she's now an adult. I suspect most babies did at some point.

DramaAlpaca Sat 23-Mar-19 03:26:09

My babies all drank bath water at some point. They are all healthy adults now. I don't think your baby will have been harmed by a bit of bath water, OP. Try not to worry, but check with your doctor if you are still worried.

mum23kidz Sat 23-Mar-19 03:29:41

They little do it. Don't wory, all will be fine.

steff13 Sat 23-Mar-19 03:52:49

You can't dry drown from drinking bath water. Also, dry drowning usually happens within an hour of going under the water. She'll be fine.

user1480880826 Sat 23-Mar-19 06:17:09

All babies drink bath water

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