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Charity event 'in memory of'

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aibu1 Fri 22-Mar-19 22:02:55

Family member is taking part in a big charity event for a v well known and important cause.

They're asking for sponsorship and dedicating it 'in memory of' two family members who died of alcohol/drug abuse. Nothing to do with what the charity is raising money for.

AIBU to think this is misleading to people sponsoring?

BackforGood Fri 22-Mar-19 22:54:17

Does seem to be, yes.

Jupiters Fri 22-Mar-19 23:42:38

I'm a bit confused... Are they getting sponsorship and giving it to an alcohol/drug abuse charity instead of the one the event is actually in aid of? Or is the money going to the charity who are organising it but they are just using these two people's names to encourage donations?

HuntIdeas Fri 22-Mar-19 23:56:16

Is it a charity that was close to the hearts of the 2 relatives that died?

CheshireChat Sat 23-Mar-19 00:04:41

Have they made it clear it's for a different cause?

Have they mentioned the issues the other two family members had or is it simply a known fact to those asked for sponsorship money?

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