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Does this make me a bad friend

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colourfulness Fri 22-Mar-19 16:32:37

So I had plans on Thursday night for an exercise class with a friend that I asked her to do and I reminded her about it and she had forgotten and said it's up to me to decide if we go then I got back to her and said do you want to leave it, I'm up for going if you are and she had plans to pick up her grandad instead

I'm going out on Saturday night with another friend

Does that make me a bad friend? Would you be annoyed if you were the other friend?

HalfBearOtherHalfCat Fri 22-Mar-19 17:34:07

Has the OP been drinking or have I? confused

StealthPolarBear Fri 22-Mar-19 17:35:41

I definitely have. Very little is making sense.
Reminiscent of Sharon and the wasp.

Lweji Fri 22-Mar-19 17:36:39

It depends. Have you gone exclusive with the first friend, or are you still seeing other people?

StealthPolarBear Fri 22-Mar-19 17:38:49

Sharon and the wasp and the wine and the wall

BackforGood Fri 22-Mar-19 17:40:04

Just posting to see if the OP can sort this out for us.
I'm totally confused about why going out with one friend on a Saturday is, in any way related to a different friend changing her mind about coming to an exercise class on a Thursday.

burritofan Fri 22-Mar-19 17:40:12

Is the grandad invited on Saturday night?

Starch Fri 22-Mar-19 17:41:31

It doesn’t make you a bad friend, just a really confusing one. Your mate probably rang Grandad in a state of total befuddlement.

Marriedwithchildren5 Fri 22-Mar-19 17:41:46

I see what you're saying, in a strange kind of mindset thinking. Youre fine to go out on a different night, with a different friend. Not many people would think if they agree to cancel plans, which you were more than willing not to, that a person should cancel all other plans.

Thats what you're asking? Or does my post actually make no sense??

Springwalk Fri 22-Mar-19 17:46:43


gilchrist168 Fri 22-Mar-19 17:47:32

I'm good for Sunday. and Grandad free.

Cornettoninja Fri 22-Mar-19 17:51:09

You’re massively overthinking this.

Bluntness100 Fri 22-Mar-19 17:56:29

This makes no sense at all.

Why is you going on on Saturday related to you cancelling with her on Thursday? What is the link?

NinnieNouse Fri 22-Mar-19 17:57:30

Is the second friend Grandad?

FenellaMaxwell Fri 22-Mar-19 18:00:23

Hi Sharon! [waves]

FineFanks Fri 22-Mar-19 18:02:40

Are you high, OP?

NoWittyNamesAvailable Fri 22-Mar-19 18:05:24

Is this a puzzle we have to piece together ourselves?

ShirleyPhallus Fri 22-Mar-19 18:06:08

This is a great wind up, this thread could run for pages and pages

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