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To beg for chickenpox suggestions?

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APoxOnThePox Fri 22-Mar-19 16:13:03

Posting here for traffic and also because I'm at my wits end. 2 year old and its the first bout of chickenpox we've experienced.

Can all you sage and wise Mums, Dads and otherwise caregivers hit me with suggestions for lotions, baths and other ways to take the itch away? It seems to be getting worse rather than better

Itwouldtakemuchmorethanthis Fri 22-Mar-19 16:15:40

Small yoghurt pot of camomile lotion and a paintbrush. Pop on a towel in the bath and let dc paint each spot.

Keeps you cool, eases itch, makes spots funny not terrifying...takes lots of time.

Sexnotgender Fri 22-Mar-19 16:16:01

Are you giving an antihistamine? That made a big difference to my daughter.

YouCanButImNot Fri 22-Mar-19 16:16:42

Poxclin, it’s a mousse that you can get from boots. Worked wonders when my baby had chickenpox at 7 months. Also, a bath with bicarbonate of soda helps also. We bathed ours twice a day in it. Good luck, it’s no fun.

APoxOnThePox Fri 22-Mar-19 16:16:50

I love the painting idea! No antihistamine yet but will give it a go.
Thank you!

Doyoumind Fri 22-Mar-19 16:16:58

I can't remember what it's called but there's a cooling gel for chicken pox which is a million times better than calamine as it's soothing and not drying.

KitMarlowesPufflingPants Fri 22-Mar-19 16:18:39

Oats in a warm bath, worked a treat when my dc had it.

CluedoAddict Fri 22-Mar-19 16:18:50

Oats in the bath. I was told by the children's ward not to use an antihistamine for chicken pox.

EatDessertFirst Fri 22-Mar-19 16:18:59

Virasoothe gel and Piriton for the itching. Lots of fluids and Calpol.

Limensoda Fri 22-Mar-19 16:19:05

We always used Calamine lotion but they latest advice on that is not to use it. Ask a pharmacist for the most advised

dementedpixie Fri 22-Mar-19 16:19:45

I think virasoothe is a gel. Poxclin mousse, aqueous calamine, oats or bicarb in the bath. Piriton antihistamine to help stop the itch

ItWentInMyEye Fri 22-Mar-19 16:20:12

Piriton & calamine cream in a tube. Doesn't go everywhere!

QforCucumber Fri 22-Mar-19 16:20:16

Virasoothe Gel, Boots own antihistamine and they do an aqueous cream which contains Calamine - so much better than just the lotions!

DON'T give ibuprofen!

dementedpixie Fri 22-Mar-19 16:20:41

Are you sure it wasn't ibuprofen they warned against rather than antihistamine?

Vintagegoth Fri 22-Mar-19 16:21:48

Oat baths. Put some porride oats in the foot of an old pair of tights or a muslin and pop it in a bayh. Very soothing for eczema too

HepzibahHumbug Fri 22-Mar-19 16:24:13

Eurax. That's what worked for my dd 10 years ago. Also tepid bath with bicarbonate of soda (a couple of tbsps) disolved in it.
Also lots of reading aloud if you have time.
Chicken pox is awful (though rarely dangerous). My dd 11 still has a tiny bump on her nose which is all that remains. No one ever notices it and she is very proud of it as it's part of her 'story'.
Good luck. May the itching and scratching stop!!

Mylittlepony374 Fri 22-Mar-19 16:24:17

Oats in the bath. We just filled a sock with oats, put it over tap while running then tie top & put in bath. Let them squeeze it /play with it. Was best thing I found.

APoxOnThePox Fri 22-Mar-19 16:46:07

Thanks for responding so quickly, we'll definitively give the oat bath a go too. I had heard of that soothing eczema but didn't think to apply but in this case!

azulmariposa Fri 22-Mar-19 16:48:08

Do NOT give Ibuprofen! That's really dangerous if they have chickenpox.

Antihistamine, and paracetamol. There's a gel that you can get from the chemist that is better than calamine lotion I think it's virasoothe or poxclin?

YouLikeTheBadOnesToo Fri 22-Mar-19 16:50:15

Another big fan of virasoothe here. My 22 month old ds had chicken pox a couple of weeks ago, the gel was a god send. We also did oat baths, they seemed to help too.

ellendegeneres Fri 22-Mar-19 16:53:18

Poxcillin and oat bath. Honest to god my son was head to toe covered and all that gave him relief (albeit brief) was the oat bath and that poxcillin stuff. Have since recommended it to others who have gone on to recommend it to others still

CluedoAddict Fri 22-Mar-19 20:47:02

@dementedpixie no it was definitely antihistamine. I worked in a pharmacy at the time so I knew the difference. They said it prolonged the chicken pox.

Frangipane Fri 22-Mar-19 20:50:27

Another vote for oats in a sock in the bath. My eldest 3 had chicken pox when they were all quite little, and maybe not able to express what made things better, but my youngest caught it relatively late, when he was 10, and he said the oats in the bath was the only thing that relieved the itching. Be warned though, it only worked while he was in the bath.

fivepies Fri 22-Mar-19 20:53:33

I made up a great lotion based on some recipes on the web. Aloe vera (Holland and Barratt, Superdrug), and witchhazel mixed together. Keep it in the fridge so it is cold. It is so soothing and coats the skin. Worked really well on both my kids, they were covered in spots.

Otterses Fri 22-Mar-19 20:56:11

I used piriton for DS' pox, worked a treat and helped him get some sleep.

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