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To expect a delivery driver to find a house when given detailed location

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naturistmum Fri 22-Mar-19 13:51:36

Because my house has a name rather than a number it seems to render 75% of delivery drivers unable to locate my house!

The latest c**k up is a Euroffice deliver of copier paper. The first delivery was signed for by someone who does not live at my address - so he's got a free stack of paper. Second attempt now also delivered but again not to my address. I even gave instructions to call if they couldn't find the house or locate my house on the detailed location and identifying features of the house.

Now I'm down to the last 500 sheets of paper (work from home) and the Company wont send me any more until they investigate with the delivery company.

AIBU to expect them to redeliver now and not wait for the outcome of their investigations. It's not my fault the delivery driver cant read instructions or the sign on my gatepost with the house name. I need the paper - I'm not paying for more. The investigation could take ages and I need my now 1 week late delivery.

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