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Walking the dog

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Alfiesmom15 Fri 22-Mar-19 00:10:23

Would this not irritate you.... a little over a month I asked partner and sd to start walking the dog on contact days (we have her 3 days a week) it would get her out the house instead of just sitting there on tablet with earphones in. Never happened.... his ex text him to do it 2 days ago and that's the first thing they did yesterday.... so when I point this out he starts shouting and blaring, the ex feels the need to start texting putting her moaning across.. because I'm moaning they took the dog out, I'm being selfish for not letting her play with dog, im making it all up in my own head blah blah blah... I'm just like hold on I asked a month ago. I want you to walk the dog I dont understand why someone who has zero influence on my house seems to dictate when my dog gets walked....

Rtmhwales Fri 22-Mar-19 00:15:32

This is really hard to understand for me OP.

You want your step daughter to walk the dog with your DP and his ex/her mum doesn't want her to? Or she does?

Whose dog is it?

Walkingdeadfangirl Fri 22-Mar-19 00:16:17

Whose dog is it?

Alfiesmom15 Fri 22-Mar-19 00:18:29

Hes our family dog... I wanted my dp to walk the dog with sd... he ex told him to to do what I asked a month ago and he decides that he shall do it straight away.

Smotheroffive Fri 22-Mar-19 00:22:17

I really haven't a clue why you dp's ex would text that he needs to walk your ddog with his DD!? Unless your dsd has been mythering her DM to, but can't see that as all dad wants to do is be on tablet.

Maybe DSD actually wants to do something as has nothing else to do there if dp is not involving her and having quality time with her.

Perhaps you should ask your dp as maybe he's the only one who CBA?

Smotheroffive Fri 22-Mar-19 00:23:32

*as all DSD wants to do....not dad!

Smotheroffive Fri 22-Mar-19 00:26:16

Maybe he hadn't realised that DSD was keen to do it too,and it took a bit of a multi-pronged approach to get him to realise.

What's your vexation about it,that he jumped when his ex texted, but not a month ago, because he's done what she's said but not what you wanted?

Perhaps ask him what made the difference?

Alfiesmom15 Fri 22-Mar-19 00:31:11

That's just I've asked both of them of neither want to do it. The ex has asked and they've both decided they wanted to....she will not get off that tablet unless she has to.... we go on days out and all she does is moan about internet and sit there with a face on her. I forced a trip to the park a few weeks ago and the moaning we had was ridiculous because our son was trying to ride a bike and was taking ages to get home.

Alfiesmom15 Fri 22-Mar-19 00:32:47

I did ask him what's the difference with her asking and he flipped his lid I'm looking for a argument it's all my head I'm moaning because they took dog for a walk.

Smotheroffive Fri 22-Mar-19 00:41:36

How hold is she?

What's eating you do for him to be so arsey back at you?

Smotheroffive Fri 22-Mar-19 00:42:14

*eating your DP that he's so arsey

Smotheroffive Fri 22-Mar-19 00:43:14

Sounds like snappy arse, is he normally like that or just over this?

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