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School banning hugs

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Justicegf Thu 21-Mar-19 20:51:54

Just that really.
DC's secondary school has just implemented a no hug rule with a consequence of detention.

DC is gay and has been a victim of hate crime many times in school, the latest time a few days ago. DC says teachers have ignored friends hugging and told DC and partner to stop and so DC feels targeted.

Aibu to be that parent and complain?

Lovingbenidorm Thu 21-Mar-19 23:40:35

Don’t think it can be the same school op. My dc’s School is certainly not known for hate crimes, bullying or homophobia.
Who did you hear this new school rule from?
If your child was hugging someone else, a friend or partner, then there is absolutely no reason at all for it to be banned

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