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what's actually wrong with me??

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moomoo29 Thu 21-Mar-19 20:05:44

So I was on the depo since last April my last injection was the 4th of January..... I don't want to go back on it but I had no problems while I was on it .. anyway since February I have felt a bit off! I'm so tired I can't keep awake my boobs did ache a bit but that's subsided but I have blue veins all over my chest .... I'm constantly dizzy and now and again I feel sick and have been sick on a couple of occasions.... I'm really gassy and I keep needing a wee! So I went to the doctors Monday and explained all off this to him and he said you have probably got a virus 🤨.... sent me for blood tests and that was that .... now I know I haven't got a virus I feel very pregnant and yes I know the depo can mimic pregnancy but I'm starting to feel slight fluttering in my tummy .... I have done 6 tests all neg .... I'm starting to get really upset because I feel so pregnant.... my boobs look like they did wen I'm actually pregnant ..... the other symptom I didn't mention to the doctor is I feel like I'm in heat 24/7 ...... has anybody out there experienced this???

Karigan195 Thu 21-Mar-19 20:10:48

Is it still covering you? If it’s run out then withdrawal from hormonal contraceptives can scarily mimic pregnancy. I literally could have sworn I was pregnant when I stopped the pill.

squaresandsquares Thu 21-Mar-19 20:15:03

Oh my so glad I read this. I have had deposit Oct, Jan and due April. Each time it comes to the end I feel pregnant. Negative results. Im lying here trying to get kids to bed and literally feel pregnant.
Also very anxious and moody and angry on it.
Not sure why I have booked to have it in April

squaresandsquares Thu 21-Mar-19 20:15:22


squaresandsquares Thu 21-Mar-19 20:16:32

Did the doc do a blood test for pregnancy?

squaresandsquares Thu 21-Mar-19 20:23:57

I think my symptoms are just the depo.

moomoo29 Thu 21-Mar-19 20:40:14

No he wants my thyroid and crp markers checked and a few other things ..... he looked at me like I was a loon when I said I feel pregnant

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