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AIBU to ask you about the postcode lottery?

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Yambabe Thu 21-Mar-19 18:57:07

Are you in it? Have you won anything?

We signed up today, going to give it a go for 6 months. DH seems to think we will be winning a significant but not life-changing amount od cash pretty much any day now, I am a bit more skeptical.

They seem somewhat evasive about how they actually go about picking postcodes, and also about the actual odds of winning anything.

On the other hand we can afford £10 per month so why not?

CatGoals Thu 21-Mar-19 19:12:57

Watching with interest, we signed up yesterday!

Baby1onboard11 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:24:51

Have you searched the winning results? Our postcode comes up roughly 1 in every 3 months

itsnotso Thu 21-Mar-19 19:29:37

Was in it for 2 years, won £30.

Vanillamanilla1 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:31:48

I was in it for a couple years . Won fuck all
Shame as I could've better spent the £500 but it's the chance you take's a lottery ..

Ambi Thu 21-Mar-19 19:32:31

Wasn't worth it for us, better to put it in a savings account and win £120 a year.

Bussells Thu 21-Mar-19 19:33:52

I’ve won about £50 in three years

ChorleyFMcominginyourears Thu 21-Mar-19 19:43:09

I wasnt in mine and the first half of our postcode came up and the few people that were in it won around 13k

bridgetreilly Thu 21-Mar-19 19:44:37

Only 3 other people live in my postcode, so I've definitely thought about it...

But I suspect that just means they would never ever pick my postcode.

Livelovebehappy Thu 21-Mar-19 19:47:15

I’ve been in it 3 years and won four lots of £10. Keep saying I’m going to cancel but then think ‘what if??..’ and so on it goes. Guess if you break it down it’s £2.50 a week - price of a cup of coffee, so no real hardship.

ems137 Thu 21-Mar-19 20:04:02

I've won 2 x £10 in 2 years 🙄 I keep meaning to cancel it but then chicken out because I would kick myself if we won the week after or something!

Treezylover Thu 21-Mar-19 20:22:13

We won 25k last year. Thought the phone call about a golden envelope was a scam but it wasn’t!

PissOffPeppa Thu 21-Mar-19 20:23:53

My friend won 12k on it a couple of years back

Whatjusthappenedthere Thu 21-Mar-19 20:27:42

We joined when a friend of my DH who lived aroubd the corner won 350,000 pounds. Been signed up for four years and have won 20 pounds.

CatGoals Tue 02-Apr-19 19:35:55

I joined last month but I'm not a millionaire yet!!

tinytemper66 Tue 02-Apr-19 19:42:31

Won about£30 in four years

Snuffalo Tue 02-Apr-19 19:51:17

I didn’t even know this was a real thing, I thought it just referred to different standards of NHS treatment in different parts of the country. If this is actually a lottery, well, it’s an idiot tax just like any other form of gambling. Buy a book every month with your £10.

onthenaughtystepagain Tue 02-Apr-19 19:53:18

I know someone who won £5000!

tor8181 Tue 02-Apr-19 19:53:43

started nov/dec 2018 and won 10 pound last week

first time though

PinkiOcelot Tue 02-Apr-19 19:57:54

I’ve been in it for a couple of months now. No winnings yet.

cricketballs3 Tue 02-Apr-19 19:57:54

Been in it about 8 months, won £10 first month, nothing since however given the tight legislation surrounding lotteries in the UK I do trust it's run above board so I'm happy to take a punt

Yousicktwistedfruit Tue 02-Apr-19 19:59:17

I joined and won absolutely nothing I just wasted money on it

40andfeelingit Tue 02-Apr-19 20:18:45

Started it last month, won a grand last week 🥳

JellyNo15 Tue 02-Apr-19 20:35:16

My sil won a grand after a couple of years

Treezylover Tue 02-Apr-19 20:40:30

@snuffalo, it’s impressive to admit you don’t know anything about something and then make a statement about it, really.

The postcode lottery donates massive amounts to charity, in Lancaster the monthly win was announced at the time of a huge flood and they donated to the flood relief campaign, they also donate to small grassroots charities all over the uk. If I don’t win a tenner one week at least I know I’m donating to good causes.

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