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To wonder why some people think they can behave as they like but hate it when someone treats them in the same way?

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RunAlexRun Thu 21-Mar-19 16:50:53

So many people think that they can behave as they want to, and treat/speak to people terribly but as soon as anyone behaves in a similar way to them, they absolutely hate it and throw their toys out of their pram.

I am tired of walking on eggshells around our next door neighbour. She is very loud and shouty and is constantly shouting very loudly at her children, yet if my children make even the tiniest noise in the garden in the summer she comes round to complain. Yet will happily have a BBQ at her house that goes on until 3am with lots of loud behaviour. She is also constantly having work done on her house, such as having a convervatory, having her roof cleaned, having decorators round, all of which is noisy and involves vehicles parked outside her house, yet come to our house shouting if our window cleaner is here and has parked his van outside our house.

Another example is the mum of one of DD's friends. She is always phoning other parents if they even so much as look at her DD in the wrong direction, and always tries to fight her DD's battles for her (the girls are 15). She is now not talking to me anymore as she phoned me recently as my DD hadn't replied to a text her DD sent her, and I said I didn't think there was any point in talking about teenage girls fallouts or issues as they just sort things themselves. Our DDs are very good mates anyway and I've not had that many calls from her over the years (they've been friends since nursery). Some mums got several calls per school term from her at primary school!

Why are some people like this? They act as though they rule the fucking world but hate anyone else saying or doing anything!

Mammylamb Thu 21-Mar-19 21:32:56

It’s really annoying. If you think that they won’t get physically violent, you could assertively tell them what you think.

From the sound of it your neighbor would kick off though

RunAlexRun Fri 22-Mar-19 10:28:03

I think she'd kick off if I told her what I thought of her. I so wish I could tell her! Unfortunately everyone creeps round her so she gets away with crappy behaviour.

BlooperReel Fri 22-Mar-19 10:32:23

The neighbour would be told to fuck right off personally.

Sounds like you handled the helicopter mother well though.

I've met many people like this, absolute hypocrites who cannot deal with being treated in the same way they treat others. I think it is a mixture of lack of self awareness and extreme selfishness.

KatharinaRosalie Fri 22-Mar-19 10:35:13

she phoned me recently as my DD hadn't replied to a text her DD sent her

I would have died of embarrasment at 15 if my mum was doing that

Youwanapizzame Fri 22-Mar-19 10:36:13

I've a colleague like this expects us all to drop everything, treats us like shit and if we don't she is so bloody offended, copies in hr, your boss, her boss on emails and everyone let's her get away with it for an easy life... does my head in

RunAlexRun Fri 22-Mar-19 17:23:34

Urgh yes I've had a colleague like that in the past too; she was so rude and nasty to everyone yet when someone pulled her up on her attitude she made a formal grievance against them!

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