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Hairdresser = old bully.

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FirstNameSurname Thu 21-Mar-19 13:16:52

I went to a new hairdressers today. Booked with a senior stylist "Sarah". When I arrive I was greeted and sat in a chair, receptionist explains the stylist is running late and points over at her. She is my old school/teen bully. Her bullying was severe and prolonged, ended with me hating secondary school and then leaving college early and isolating myself. I am now in my 30's but it still brings back a sick/nervous feeling. Seeing Sarah again completely shook me. She looked over and smiled at me and went back to doing the other person's hair. I gave my full, unusual name at booking and felt she was expecting me.

I got up and returned to reception, asking for the manager. I explained to the manager that I was a new client and the back story. I told her I wasnt comfortable with having my hair cut by Sarah and asked for a different person or to cancel. I was told that no other stylists were available. Options offered were pay a £10 cancellation/non attendance fee or have Sarah and manager would keep an eye on us. I again declined and told them I wouldn't pay to cancellation fee. They then offered a junior stylist but told me I would still need to pay the senior stylist fee as that's what I had booked but now declined.

I left saying I would take the cancellation fee issue up with the owner if she calls me, when I left they were clearly unhappy.

I've checked the website and social media, there are no pictures of Sarah so I couldn't have known it was her before arriving. If I knew I would have cancelled.

If/when owner calls do I complain about how its being handled and refuse to pay, pay up and complain or just block and ignore? I'm swaying towards paying and complaining but I hate the idea of paying my bully any money.

TSSDNCOP Thu 21-Mar-19 13:19:22

No no no.

And it would be a cold day in hell before I paid the cancellation fee.

They can deduct it from Sarah's wages.

chickhonhoneybabe Thu 21-Mar-19 13:20:44

Oh god! No way would I pay the fee, you explained the situation. Couldn’t the manager have swapped with Sarah?

RickOShay Thu 21-Mar-19 13:21:08

That was brave. Stand your ground, you are in the right. flowers

Fairyliz Thu 21-Mar-19 13:25:41

Well done op, good on you for standing your ground. What are they going to do take you to the small claims court? Ha then everyone would find out what a bitch she was.

Margot33 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:26:38

Well done for standing your ground. You should be so proud of yourself. Absolutely do NOT pay! Next time go into the next salon and have a look around before booking.

SouthernComforts Thu 21-Mar-19 13:28:05

I'm so glad you left, don't pay, what can they actually do other than 'bar' you from booking again?

moosesormeece Thu 21-Mar-19 13:28:51

Oh hell no.

If you didn't agree to terms including a cancellation fee when you booked, I don't think they've got a leg to stand on anyway.

Nanny0gg Thu 21-Mar-19 13:29:43

I absolutely understand why you wouldn't have your hair done with Sarah, but what else could they have done for you that day?

And was their cancellation policy clear?

jcq17 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:31:38

Well done you! They can't and won't bother chasing you for a tenner.

ShakeYourTailFeathers Thu 21-Mar-19 13:32:07

Good for you OP. Keep your tenner.

Wellfuckmeinbothears Thu 21-Mar-19 13:33:44

Well done for standing your ground! No way should you pay the cancellation fee.

Saucery Thu 21-Mar-19 13:34:38

I completely understand why you couldn’t stay but I would have paid the cancellation fee. Someone I loathe from my past isn’t really a valid reason to break T and Cs for a business that S doesn’t even own.

GreatDuckCookery6211 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:39:19

I think you should have paid there and then tbh. Obviously it’s awful about your past but it’s not the salon owners fault.

gilchrist168 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:40:50

Good for you!
And now the salon knows that Sarah lost them a client because she was a nasty bully.
I doubt anyone will ring you to get a cancellation fee. flowers

Fluffyears Thu 21-Mar-19 13:42:26

Tell them to shove the cancellation fee. Compensation for the horror she put you through.

user1474894224 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:42:42

You should have paid and not disclosed something that happened at school to her employers.

adulthumanwolf Thu 21-Mar-19 13:43:54

user1474894224 - Why?

GreatDuckCookery6211 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:47:01

adulthumanwolf because as distressing as the OPs past was it’s nothing to do with the salon, they employ the woman but aren’t accountable for something she did 15 plus years ago, they have a cancellation policy in place so as not to lose money, people can’t pick and choose whether they fit the criteria to cancel.

blackfriars Thu 21-Mar-19 13:47:27

I very much doubt they will phone. If they do, screen them!

Tensixtysix Thu 21-Mar-19 13:47:35

Hopefully that 'Sarah' will get sacked. Being a vindictive bully should be as bad as having a criminal record.

GreatDuckCookery6211 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:48:54

Hopefully that 'Sarah' will get sacked

I don’t think that could happen.

FoxSquadKitten Thu 21-Mar-19 13:48:59

Good on you. They can whistle for the tenner!

Ironymaiden Thu 21-Mar-19 13:49:26

You were right op. You were present for your appointment and it was the actions of their employee that lost your custom. They can take the £10 from her wages.
I hope you feel a bit better for standing up for yourself against your bully. You were right not to shy away from what she did in the past.

goodolddaze Thu 21-Mar-19 13:49:40

well done OP, for standing up for yourself. Spend the £10 on cake and coffee and be proud. They're not going to be able to do anything at all.

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